Top Albums of 2019 So Far!

It’s every single year that I’ve had ever since deciding to do reviews that I’ve had an immense amount of fun and the greatest time hearing new material from bands all over the world from all the many different corners of metal, rock, and even beyond. My two goals when starting this site was to expand my taste and just to find good shit to listen to, and I couldn’t consider these past five years to be any more successful, and it’s with 2019 that all this madness as peaked beyond reason! With plenty of new acts making bold and fantastic entries, this year has been one of revisiting more than ever before as so many bands from previous year-end lists have made triumphant comebacks in exquisite fashion!

I won’t keep you much longer as I cannot help but recommend every single one of these releases whole-heartedly, and please do remember that some of these albums are out yet. I do these mid-year lists including what I’ve heard either on or before today (July 2nd) because I’ve already heard it, so small apology if that’s an inconvenience in any way. But I do genuinely hope you take the time to listen to these records as there’s so much quality in these that I’ve no doubt I will be throwing them yet again at you when it comes time to do the Best Of 2019 list in six month’s time. So many others have released great lists like these and I do hope you can enjoy mine as well!

And please do keep in mind these are not all the great albums I’ve heard this year, just the ones that stand out the most for me. There are so many other releases from the likes of Eternal Storm, Zed, Temple Koludra, Tanith, and much more! That’s not even including all the surely great albums that are to come out in the latter half of the year!! But, I digress.


Eremit – Carrier of Weight

“…the band that’s too heavy for mere words to comprehend, too all-encompassing to fathom with one listen, and too chilling to not experience firsthand.” (read full review here)

The Wandering Ascetic – Crimson

“…potential maximized in the hands of very capable masters that have already proven their skill level in their craft…” (read full review here)

Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light

“…a consistent pulse that draws you in even closer as peeks of occult psychedelia and the most vicious of guitar work…” (read full review here)

Frosthelm – Pyrrhic

“…Frosthelm has created yet another monolithic and blistering piece of blackened thrash that’s to tower over the style for the entire year…” (read full review here)

Goregäng – Neon Graves

“…there is truly nothing to not lose yourself in within the vast cavern of gore and excellence that Goregӓng has somehow carved out…” (read full review here)

Inter Arma – Sulphur English

“There is no other fucking way for me to put it: this is the darkest and most fucked up Inter Arma record that we’ve gotten to date.” (read full review here)

Esoctrilihum – The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods

“Not many things can compare to the full experience of a new Esoctrilihum record…” (read full review here)

Zaum – Divination

“…Zaum shows us once again their expansive world where the physical and metaphysical merge into a form that can be meditated upon to great length.” (read full review here)

Hybrid Nightmares – Obelisk

“…by far the most mature work that this band has released to date with everything that they’ve created culminating in this EP having as much power as a monolithic full-length!” (read full review here)

Firespawn – Abominate

“…made with expert precision and deadly intent as Firespawn impresses, devastates, conquers, and slays everything in existence as “Abominate” churns out one eviscerating track after another.” (read full review here)

Lord Dying – Mysterium Tremendum

“…Lord Dying has created somewhat of a masterpiece with this album and I never thought I was going to say that when I first got excited about this release.” (read full review here)

Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions

“…a standout record in their fabled career with how different it is for them and how high in quality each piece is.” (read full review here)

Triumvir Foul – Urine of Abomination

“…the ultimate decimation of the worshipped in the most blasphemous fashion with apex musicianship that makes these four tracks a grand gift that keeps on giving…” (read full review here)

Illimitable Dolor – Leaden Light

“The whole of the record a true epitome through the aching of the soul while still accomplishing to discover the little slivers of hope and the drive to live in the darkness…” (read full review here)

Aktaion – Above Empires

“…it’s single-handedly that Aktaion has reinvigorated my interest in the entire style yet again with this one fucking album.” (read full review here)

Clouds Taste Satanic – Evil Eye

“…yet another excellent addition to this band’s discography as well as making this EP one of the most exemplary doom performances 2019 has thus far thrown our way.” (read full review here)

Crypt Sermon – The Ruins of Fading Light

“…one of the most complete feeling albums that I’ve heard for quite some time as this record is far more than just a collection of songs that were slapped together…” (read full review here)

Flesh of the Stars – Mercy

“Flesh of the Stars doesn’t choose the easy way out by throwing in more riffs or making things more commercial, however. Instead, they still challenge themselves.” (read full review here)