Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions

If you’ve known me for the last six months, you’ll know that I’ve had a lot to look forward to for this year and I’ve remained incredibly vocal on that. From old personal favorites like Inter Arma, Lord Dying, Wormwood, Firespawn, Hybrid Nightmares, Zaum, and more releasing new material this year, what was there for me not to be excited about? Couple that with new surprises from bands new to my ears like Eremit and Goregang to make for a truly wondrous year. But I made a slight bit of a leap more so than usual coming into 2019: I signed up for Post Wax. I only just got into collecting vinyl a little over a year ago by buying an emerald copy of Zaum’s “Eidolon”, but the idea of Post Wax was too good to pass up. Albeit they’re behind schedule, I’m a patient person when I come to these things, and it’s with Elder’s fabled “The Gold & Silver Sessions” that are set to be the first we’re to get from this unique, first of its kind service and, truly, it couldn’t be a better starting point!

A small clarification: for anyone who signed up on Post Wax, I’m not reviewing that version of the EP. I’m talking about the commercial version that will be out for everyone come it’s official release date. What’s the difference between the two? Well, at the time of this I couldn’t tell you as I don’t know because it’s not in my hands yet! But, don’t let that make you think you’re missing out on anything short of excellent as I couldn’t be any happier to talk to you about “The Gold & Silver Sessions”. This is an EP that I’ve been looking forward to and was one of the reason why I took the leap to sign up to Post Wax, and it’s an immensely satisfying reward to patience that is a treat I’ve really been needing.

Taking a small step away from their heavy psych sound that they perfected with “Reflections of a Floating World”, it’s with the three staggeringly hypnotic tracks of “The Gold & Silver Sessions” that Elder takes the instrumental psychedelic route to a higher plane that I truly wasn’t expecting. There are very few bands that I know can pull of a sleek instrumental approach with no sorts of problems whatsoever, and I when found it this EP was such I had nothing but maximum confidence that Elder was up for the task. Did they deliver? It’d be a fucking crime upon their work to say they didn’t! Every single moment of “The Gold & Silver Sessions” is simply dripping with apex psychedelia the likes of which I haven’t seen since The Re-Stoned’s “Stories of the Astral Lizard”, and it’s arguably even better than that beauty. Elder doesn’t allow the lack of vocals to tie them down, but somehow makes it act as a sort of liberation to allow their delicious sound waves alone to do all the talking as they guide us through colorful clouds of space dust and across the surface of deep lakes on far off worlds to make for three distinct visions that are astonishingly gorgeous from top to bottom. Simply put, “The Gold & Silver Sessions” is a beautiful work of imagination and grand musicianship that is all but essential for any fan of the genre with its grandiose sound and immaculate execution that can’t be called anything short of masterful.

Like I said – this EP was a pleasant surprise and I cannot tell you how happy I am it’s as magnificent as it is. In every feasible way from beginning to end, Elder has made a standout record in their fabled career with how different it is for them and how high in quality each piece is. There’s nothing to not fall in love with as “The Gold & Silver Sessions” are a love letter to the genre itself, and it’s definitely up for the argument to be hailed as one of the crowning achievements of Elder’s career.

“The Gold & Silver Sessions” releases on July 21st via Blues Funeral Recordings!

PRE-ORDER “The Gold & Silver Sessions” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elder on Facebook here.

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