Crypt Sermon – The Ruins of Fading Light

Every single person who has ever listened to music has a select few bands from whom they want more material. Be it a single band or a long list of tens of acts, we all have a name that we just want to hear more of as soon as we can. But as you know, such things require patience. Sometimes, we get lucky and hear from one of those bands in two years or maybe even less than a year between releases to continuously fuel the ecstasy. Other times we wait a good number of years before hearing more. Four years doesn’t sound like much for some fans, but it feels long nonetheless. That’s how long many of us have waited to hear again from Crypt Sermon, and it’s with the end of such a wait that they have delivered material that simply cannot be applauded enough.

I knew that Crypt Sermon was working on new material. I knew that they rightfully got loads of praise for their immaculate debut, “Out of the Garden”, back in 2015 with myself included. It was a modern tour de force of titanic proportions that brought together the worlds of classy heavy metal and epic doom the likes of which rarely comes out as good as it did with that album. It was simply overflowing with talent and showed the world that Crypt Sermon was one of the new bands on the block that simply had to be heard. Since then, though, not much in the way of new material. Barely a whisper. Maybe a couple of scant pictures on social media. But now, there’s no stopping Crypt Sermon from delivering us their second effort of marvelousness that could be called perfect from the first track alone, and it’s with their remaining nine tracks of “The Ruins of Fading Light” that Crypt Sermon creates what can only be called a landmark achievement for the modern scene.

There have been and always will be albums that many people look back towards as what propels them forward. I cannot help but feel confident in saying that Crypt Sermon has created such an album here as everything down from the very logo to the production to the power behind the music to the approach of it all is so much more than what I could’ve ever expected from this band so suddenly that even after sinking easily twenty hours into this record I’m still shaken to the core by these songs. Not just a few – fucking all of them! “The Ruins of Fading Light” has to be undoubtedly one of the most complete feeling albums that I’ve heard for quite some time as this record is far more than just a collection of songs that were slapped together, wrapped in pretty cover art, and called a job well done. Crypt Sermon, instead, took every single aspect that they did with “Out of the Garden” and expanded upon it with such exponential growth that the resulting quality of “The Ruins of Fading Light” instantly towers over its predecessor on every front. The vocals are absolutely compelling in their range, the strings never cease to amaze be it a magnificent solo or slowly for a bone-crushing dirge, drums that clap like lightning to bring down the castle walls with ease, each song has personality and life that gives me chills every single time, and then the intoxicating nature never desists as Crypt Sermon continues to worm their way into your brain so that by the end you’re a doomsayer as well! It all just fucking works!

This year has already been chock-full of stupendous albums that I need so much more time with, but somehow its instantaneously with “The Ruins of Fading Light” that Crypt Sermon has secured themselves a place on my year-end list with everything about this record being arguably perfect from top to bottom. I knew immediately this was a record that I had to hear, but I never could’ve guessed that this was going to be such a gripping album like few others. It is something that I have got to get my hands on, and the moment the gates open for pre-orders I expect to see each and every fucking one of you gathering to do the same. For this is something that demands to be heard.

“The Ruins of Fading Light” releases on September 13th via Dark Descent Records!

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