Top Albums of 2018 So Far!

You should know the drill by now. With the very middle of the year just a few days ago, it’s time for us to look back while excited for what’s ahead of us like we always do. This year has had no shortage of excellent pieces to enjoy with many of them coming from the underground more so than usual. At least, that’s the case for me anyway. Here, you’ll see my favorite albums that I’ve reviewed so far this year but they’re not organized in any particular order. I save that mess for the end of the year list.

We got experimental black metal, funeral doom, space rock, and so much in between on this list! It’s been an incredibly diverse year, and the rest of 2018 is only looking just as promising! The likes of Eremit, Whispered, and Inter Arma have gotten me excited as to what’s on the way hopefully by the end of the year, but there’s so much more! But for now, please allow these albums to intrigue you like they did for me, and support the albums you love!



Arkheth – 12 Winter Moons Comes the Witches Brew

“…melodies overflowing with riffs, hypnotic hymns backed by a transcendent soundtrack, soothing atmosphere, haunting fog that chokes you near death, a barrage of black metal speed laced with subtle rhythms, or glorious saxophone solos, Arkheth does it all masterfully.” (read full review here)


Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons

 “…the very definition of a spectacle and one that should undoubtedly be heard in one form or another for this album has more than enough for every type of doom fan…” (read full review here)


Esoctrilihum – Pandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness)

“…hypnotic rhythms that pull you all the way into the black, complex song structures that keep you guessing at every turn, an explosive attitude with a satisfyingly dramatic sense of timing, chaotic approach to literally just about everything…” (read full review here)


Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath

“…sheer badassery and amazing musicianship leading the charge upon a steel-clad steed while you charged the castle gates at the top of your fucking lungs!” (read full review here)


Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol. 1

“…a true rollercoaster as the band yet again shows off their grand sense of musicianship that allows for an immersive listen that brings the genre to a glorious height that we don’t get nearly enough.” (read full review here)


Bloodmoon – Supervoid Trinity

“…a real slaughter before going back and forth with its levels of aggression to its tripper lulls that draw you even further into the depths of what Bloodmoon carves out for us.” (read full review here)


Ende – Goetie Funeste

“…another fucking excellent example as to the power behind Ende and how fucking incredible they are!” (read full review here)


Dwarrowdelf – The Sons of Fëanor

“In no small capacity, Dwarrowdelf excels in a niche of the metal world that few masterpieces come from, but this is undoubtedly one of them.” (read full review here)


Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

“very dangerous concoction to deal with, but with staggering excellence and undeniable skill, Sadistik Forest overcomes the challenge magnificently…” (read full review here)


Khanus – Flammarion

“…intensity and magic at a tenfold increase from the band’s debut EP to allow Khanus to truly flex their muscles and show us just how much of an otherworldly force they are!” (read full review here)


Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

“…Gaerea is far from afraid to introduce newer elements into the realm of black metal in order to create a sonic blast of devastation that they can truly call their own.” (read full review here)


Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol. 2

“…the same idea but with a much more active sound that constantly keeps the blood flowing and the energy high while still having that trademark Black Space Riders charm of diversity.” (read full review here)


YOB – Our Raw Heart

“…immaculate flavors and untouchable levels of musicianship that has culminated into an experience that’s touching upon the achievement that is but one word: perfection.” (read full review here)


Progenie Terrestre Pura – starCross

“…elements of atmosphere combined with industrial factors that bring a technical feel to it all that Progenie Terrestre Pura pulls off without breaking a single sweat.” (read full review here)