Top Albums of 2016 so far!

Believe it or not, the year is half over, and this is a time to reflect and to look ahead. We’ve already come across many, many awesome albums from this year already with some being more known than others. Why not follow the trend and forces my favorites down your throat, right? Whether it have been death metal, thrash, or a mix of a whole fuck of a lot, 2016 is by far no push over already. I’ve got below for you what I consider to be the highlights of 2016 in no particular order, and I encourage you all to check these albums out as they’re all magnificent in their own individual rights.

Note: I cannot help but not hear a lot of albums so my deepest apologies if your favorites aren’t featured here. And if you still don’t care, well then fuck you, too.


Primitiv – Immortal & Vile

30mm_stickerIf you have ever fucking thought the thought “I wonder if there’s anything happening in the Indian death metal scene” then please look no further than Primitiv’s debut album “Immortal and Vile” as it is the most appropriate response to that thought that could possibly ever exist in the history of the earth. (read full review here)


The Temperance Movement – White Bear

1500x1500srThe Temperance Movement prove themselves to be the new kings of their generation for rock n roll in the entire world. (read full review here)


Greenleaf – Rise Above the Meadow

635_Greenleaf_RGBWhen I say that this is the pinnacle of any kind of stoner rock or metal, I’m telling you that it is an album you must all check out, and that is precisely what “Rise Above the Meadow” is one hundred fucking percent. (read full review here)


Accuser – The Forlorn Divide

Accuser_-_The_Forlorn_Divide…a trip of pure speed and brutal energy. (read full review here)



Artillery – Penalty of Perception

a1921072900_10…much more than any fan of both the band and thrash in general could ever expect in recent years. (read full review here)


Wolvserpent – Aporia:Kala:Ananta

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}…the most ambitious, creative, and well crafted album that will come out in the first quarter of this year. Period. (read full review here)


Howls of Ebb – Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows

IVR058_-_HOWLS_OF_EBB_-_Cursus_Impasse…an ever intriguing album that is satisfying to the fading echo of the vocals on the last track. (read full review here)

Amon Amarth – Jomsviking

Amon_Amarth_-_Jomsviking…before hearing this you would think it’d be impossible for these guys to get any better. (read full review here)


Mork – Den Vandrende Skygge

00…a truly bleak and dark album that holds nothing back. (read full review here)


Ethereal Riffian – I AM. Deathless

a3812787995_10…a band that blends the lines between metal and rock while also making it sound fucking ridiculous and awesome. (read full review here)


Heathen Beast – Rise of the Saffron Empire

coverA fiery album that will stop at nothing to bring the dark subject to light… (read full review here)



Whispered – Metsutan – Songs From the Void

Whispered_-_Metsutan_Cover_Art…an epic record that not only embodies this band’s niche in the metal world but it also expands on it and makes it exponentially more delicious. (read full review here)


Feared – Reborn

feared_reborn_coverartwork…once again hit every single fucking nail on the head with “Reborn”. (read full review here)



Countless Skies – New Dawn

Countless_Skies_New_Dawn_Artwork_Carl_Ellis…a true testament to how this band isn’t just trying to make a name for themselves by relying on someone else’s… (read full review here)


Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

a1569848030_10… “Paradise Gallows” truly has it all and pulls it of with unspeakable mastery. (read full review here)


Feign – Atlas

a1283290467_10…possibly the most talented and versatile one man band of the genre at the moment… (read full review here)