Top Albums of 2020 So Far!

l can’t believe how much fun I’m having doing these reviews. This is now the sixth year that this website has been in existence and every single year has been better than the last no matter the circumstances, and 2020 is proving to be no different thus far! With the most eclectic mid-year list up to this point, 2020 has been an absolute boon for me from all styles whether it be the most intense metal or the most psychedelic rock or the most entrancing ambient. We’re now at the center point of the year, so, as always, it’s time for me to reflect by on the last six months while being incredibly exciting for the remaining six that’s to fold out before us.

With the boom of heavy psych at the start of the year to the recent waves of typical high-quality excellence from I, Voidhanger Records, it’s been quite eventful for all lovers of heavy music even without the unfortunate situation happening outside our homes. But, these are escapes like no other and I know there’s far more than I’ll be talking about here. These are just a fraction of the good stuff that I’ve heard since the start of the year, and even that’s a minute fraction of what all is deserving to be heard out there. But, alas! I am still just one person so I can only speak for myself. Please, give all these albums a chance then feel free to yell at me your favorite albums that you feel demand the same spotlight whether they’ve gotten plenty of attention or none at all.

Do keep this in mind: these are all albums that I’ve reviewed before today (July 2nd) whether or not they are released to the public much like how Jupiterian’s “Protosapien” does not release until mid-Septemeber. Feel free to be annoyed.

Just as always: support the music you love, and I’ll do my best to cover what I can when I can. The fun never stops, and it’s been more fun than ever. Thanks so much for reading!



Lowrider – Refractions

“They kickstarted the Swedish scene for their style years ago …  it’s here with “Refractions” that Lowrider doubles back to show us just why they still hold the throne.” (read the full review here)





Big Scenic Nowhere – Vision Beyond Horizon

“… every wheel within the grand beauty of “Vision Beyond Horizon” works in gorgeous synchronization with each other to create this stupendous experience that I will hold as a new standard for any work of the style…” (read the full review here)




King Buffalo – Dead Star

“There are very little bands that can deliver as constantly as King Buffalo, and it should go without saying at this point that they have absolutely hit their mark with the likes of “Dead Star” …” (read the full review here)





Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum – Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine

“…  it’s by the end of this nearly two-hour-long experience that we’re left drifting in a colorless, lightless void after what feels like learning the very secrets of the solar wind.” (read the full review here)






“The very idea of exploration and reverence of the unknown is spread into every part of “LGM-1” in such a way that it’s nigh on hypnotic with a dream-like substance constantly covering its surface. And the whole of this work is surprisingly diverse across all of its atmospheres…” (read the full review here)



Lord Buffalo – Tohu Wa Bohu

“The whole of this album is like driving down a country road at night watching the tall grass roll back into the darkness as you drive along with the burdens and joys of your heart ebbing and flowing with each pulse and every song that “Tohu Wa Bohu” brings forth.” (read the full review here)


Drown – Subaqueous

“To listen to Drown is to drown your very soul, and, if you allow the act to work its aquatic magic, you’ll be left stunned by a work that is nigh on exquisite in every capacity.” (read the full review here)





Esoctrilihum – Eternity of Shaog

“How can any one man sit down and continuously pump out music at a staggering quality that never once dips but, instead, skyrockets like no other act out there? How is that possible?” (read the full review here)





Eremit – Desert of Ghouls

“Still riding on the coattails of their debut and multiple sequels already planned and in motion, Eremit’s journey to capture our imaginations and souls continues with wild success with their upcoming EP.” (read the full review here)




Sojourner – Premonitions

“This is by far their crowning achievement as “Premonitions” brings everything together so amazingly well that it leaves one wondering just how all these different elements that contrast each other as much as they do but all complement each other on such a scale that is no less than staggering.” (read the full review here)



Herxheim – Incised Arrival

“One cannot help but fall into the swirling chaos of chaos and disease that Herxheim effortlessly brings forth with its extremely unusual sound that not only sets it apart from the rest of the entire black metal scene but it shows to us with its unquestionable quality that Herxheim is the newest band to know…” (read the full review here)



Creature – Ex Cathedra

“Constantly keeping the listener on their toes and delivering one of the most organic and eclectic black metal performances I’ve heard so far this year, Creature manages to hop between the two constantly.” (read the full review here)




Familiars – All In Good Time

“… a true pleasure to witness because of how easily you can lose yourself in the heaviness, heart, and psychedelia that’s on constant display here for any willing listener to fall back into without having to even think about it.” (read the full review here)




Live Burial – Unending Futility

“… Live Burial absolutely dominates with not a single sign of wavering for the entirety of this effort whether it be from an utterly infectious riff or straight-up brutality that is truly meant to boil your blood and leave not a single speck of survival for each listener that dares the step into the meat grinder …” (read the full review here)



Osi and the Jupiter – Appalachia

“Sometimes, I really stumble across something that just touches the soul almost too well. Something that resonates on every level. Something that I can actually make a personal connection to. I wasn’t expecting Osi and the Jupiter to be the one to deliver that material …” (read the full review here)




Jupiterian – Protosapien

 “Just to walk into the dense cosmos that Jupiterian has conjured here is to drown yourself in something that’s beyond monolithic and undeniable when it comes to the scope, power, and raw energy that’s constantly at play.” (read the full review here)