Big Scenic Nowhere – Vision Beyond Horizon

If the entirety of the world of psychedelic rock, desert rock, or whatever else you want to call this would shut down for the entire rest of the year and we were only left with the first full-length album from Big Scenic Nowhere, I couldn’t think of a better album to be left with. It was with their debut EP just a few months ago that this crazy new ambition from members of Fu Manchu and Yawning Man that blew me and many others away, but there isn’t a single thing that could’ve prepared us for the grand glory that is this album.

The cover art alone should be enough to give you an idea as to what exactly you’re in for before you dive into the trippy depths of “Vision Beyond Horizon”, but there is so much fucking more to this stunning album than the applause-worthy cover art. Trying to simply combine the worlds of Fu Manchu and Yawning Man wouldn’t be enough to encapsulate how dynamic this record is nor can the band’s EP, “Dying on the Mountain”, give us enough of a proper representation of the increase in every aspect that was taken for “Vision Beyond Horizon”. This is very much a record that starts off so much like many other desert rock pieces where it’s superbly loud with loads of flavor, but it quickly evolves into something much more as we see a much more Pink Floyd side to Big Scenic Nowhere with grand landscapes of calm psychedelia that you can drift off to without even having to think about it. It’s the sort of psychedelia that makes for a truly monumental record, and it goes without saying that the members Big Scenic Nowhere all have experience with it in some form, but it’s here with “Vision Beyond Horizon” that they’ve taken the style to an unbelievable peak that we have seen in years, if not decades. Every single aspect of this album pulls you in as every wheel within the grand beauty of “Vision Beyond Horizon” works in gorgeous synchronization with each other to create this stupendous experience that I will hold as a new standard for any work of the style that’s to come out this year, next year, this decade, and every one after that.

Big Scenic Nowhere didn’t have much to prove, but fuck if they didn’t work their asses off to deliver something that goes beyond the next level. Very little do we get records like “Vision Beyond Horizon”, and I’ll gladly be damned if this record falls to the side and people don’t come to fucking realize the pure genius and untouchable talent that’s seeping out of every possible minute of these nine game-changing tracks.

“Vision Beyond Horizon” releases on January 31st via Heavy Psych Sounds!

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