Jupiterian – Protosapien

While there are many people that tend to think about thrash whenever they think of Brazil, there are plenty of other bands that need mentioning whenever you want to talk about Brazilian metal. And you can’t talk about anything else before bringing up Jupiterian. They exploded onto the scene a few years ago with the mammoth effort of “Terraforming” showing up everywhere as people realized there was a new player in the global sludge scene that wasn’t afraid to throw their weight around one bit. It’s been three years since then, and the anticipation for a follow-up has been growing for some time. With the doom of man in one hand and unquestionable talent in the other, Jupiterian set out to make “Protosapien” their best work yet, and they certifiably achieved that.

While the difference between “Terraforming” and “Protosapien” is debatable depending on who you might ask, I can’t help but feel there’s a definite change in attitude and maybe even the approach that Jupiterian executed whilst creating this behemoth. It was with the previous effort that they were dipping their toes into their true potential, but it’s here that we see them truly come into their own with an album that absolutely does not deserve to be continuously compared to its predecessor. Truly, “Protosapien” is its own beast entirely and deserves to be treated as such. Jupiterian dug deep to make this record something that everyone from those who couldn’t get enough before to those who want some sludgy doom that really goes the extra mile, and, in every possible way, what’s been laid forth here absolutely quantifies as such as just by hitting the play button you’re in for a real treat that very few other bands will be able to deliver on any sort of comparable level.

Just to walk into the dense cosmos that Jupiterian has conjured here is to drown yourself in something that’s beyond monolithic and undeniable when it comes to the scope, power, and raw energy that’s constantly at play. Consisting of six tracks with the first being a purely atmospheric opener, “Protosapien” holds no punches whatsoever after that instance. It’s constantly throughout that we’re shown how masterful Jupiterian has become at their deadly craft with every minute of this masterwork giving us something deliciously earth-shattering to sink our teeth right into whether it comes in the form of a brilliant riff or some new crushing beat across the skull that feels equally punishing and satisfying with every note being a tantalizing new lesson in heaviness. “Protosapien” always keeps the listener guessing to just what exactly could ever be happening next as it always feels literally anything is possible, and even by the end of the titanic effort you’re left wondering just what Jupiterian isn’t capable of. Everything came together masterfully on a scale that is mind-melting right from the beginning, and it’s with just a very brief listen that it becomes quite clear as to why exactly there was so much hype surrounding Jupiterian for the last few years.

I had my reservations for this album since I didn’t go crazy over “Terraforming” like many others despite it clearly being of higher quality, but after two sneak peeks, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. The very essence of “Protosapien” alone is enough for someone like me, but Jupiterian truly went above and beyond on a massive scale to create what should absolutely be considered a real heavyweight for year-end lists for anyone who knows what they’re dealing with in the vast underground of metal. Jupiterian set themselves apart years ago, but it’s undoubtedly with “Protosapien” that they’ve proven themselves to be several cuts above the rest of the competition without any shortfall or mishaps happening along the way, and it’s surely only to get even better from here.

“Protosapien” releases on September 11th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Protosapien” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Jupiterian on Facebook here.

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