Divine Weep – The Omega Man

Heavy metal tends to be one of those styles that can easily be a real coin toss when it comes to the overall quality of whatever material you find yourself listening to. It feels like it could just as easily be something that pulls off the classic sound without a hitch whatsoever or something that fumbles at every turn as the band tries too much to sound like a legend that they’ll never be. Many are middling at best, but sometimes I stumble upon something that’s just too good not to talk about, and Divine Weep definitely qualifies.

While still a little far away from anything that I’d consider a great band of the style, there’s practically nothing wrong that you can go with when you listen to this offering if all you’re looking for is quality heavy metal for it’s brought in heaps in this release. There may not be as heavy as reliance on the art of the riff as what many other heavy metal acts may have you believe, but they’re certainly there as they’re paired with unmistakable talent and a fantastic understanding of what makes the style great in the first place that easily lets “The Omega Man” to quickly grow into something quite respectable. We’re not subjected to any overgrown egos that are just trying to sound loud and badass without having an ounce of the proper spirit that’s needed in order to actually make the sound work in any form, and it’s going from one track to the next that we see Divine Weep have complete mastery over their craft despite this only being their second full-length album. But with a five-year period since its predecessor, it’s hard to say that this band didn’t have plenty of time to hone this album to become something exceptional and it’d be even harder to say that they didn’t succeed. So much of “The Omega Man” is what people are looking for out of new heavy metal records, and Divine Weep knew exactly what to pack into this release as they pieced it together with surgical precision and masterful handling.

There have been and will always be a lot of bands out there that are worthy of carrying the spiritual flame of heavy metal in the future when the current greats close the curtains of their legendary runs, and I have a level of confidence that Divine Weep will rise to the occasion with more success than many others. “The Omega Man” is surely just the beginning of what we’re to see come from this band, and I’m very intrigued to see what they can bring forth later on.

LISTEN to “The Omega Man” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Divine Weep on Facebook here.

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