Honorable Mentions of 2015

What an up and down year it has been for metal with many great albums while also losing some icons. This year music-wise was fantastic. My favorites of the year will come out tomorrow, but here I have for you the albums that I really liked but didn’t think were good enough for my Top Albums list. These are all phenomenal albums with their own strengths. Metalcore, doom metal, black metal, rock, and more are all on this list so please feel free to check out anything that interests you!

Note: click this band and album name for a link to a stream or video of the album or a single from it, and click the cover art for my review of it where you can get links to various social media, sites for purchasing it, and other streams of the material!

Another note: these are in no particular order as all these are great to me, I just didn’t wanna go through ranking them.

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red


Un – The Tomb of All Things


Tine – The Forest Dreams of Black


Coal Chamber – Rivals

PromoImage (39)

Disturbed – Immortalized


Fórn – Weltschmerz


Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang


Myrkur – M

PromoImage (58)

Manegarm (self-titled)

634_Manegarm_CMYK (1)

Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls


Embrional – The Devil Inside

embrional cover art

Canyon of the Skull (self-titled)


Itnuveth – Paulisaur: “Under the Wolf’s Skin”


Nar Mattaru – Ancient Atomic Warfare


The Monolith – Beyond the Wall of Forever