What I’m Listening To

I listen to just about all types of metal, but I also listen to several other types of music because metal while being awesome isn’t the only thing that I find good in this world. I can listen to some hip-hop and classical music as easily as anyone else can and I find joy out of listening to them. Now a lot of artists out there are shit so don’t think you’re gonna find them on my playlist (I’m looking at you, Kanye).

People have asked me what I listen to from time to time so I figured that I’d give you guys my personal playlist that I listen to everyday off of Spotify. Now as I said I listen to everything. I have all types of things like Disturbed, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch; anything that sounds good to my ears. So there will be everything from Alestorm to Feared to Foo Fighters to Rolling Stones to Wretched to Rage Against the Machine in there. But I also have some hip-hop dashed in for some variety along with a whole bunch of comedy bits from comics like Christopher Titus, Lewis Black, and Denis Leary. It currently has over 400 tracks on it and has over 33 hours worth of content on it. You can listen to the playlist at any time via Spotify here! I’ve also made that playlist public so feel free to follow it to catch music from bands that I’ve reviewed and who’s music I really enjoyed.

I’ve also made a more edited playlist for those of you who just want straight metal all the time. It is significantly shorter than my personal playlist with only have just under 80 tracks at this time, but has plenty of variety in it. It’s called “The Essential Metal Head” even though it’s lacking a lot of good bands off of it so I know I’ll catch hell for that, but I wanted a balanced playlist. And it’s got all types of genres in it that I find good, and that includes metalcore so don’t say I didn’t warn you elitists out there. You can stream the playlist, which is also public, here for your enjoyment.

Feel free to give me feedback on these playlists if you enjoyed them! There’s plenty of great artists on both playlists that deserve to be shared among the public and I feel like there’ll be enough of you out there who feel the same way I do.


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