Wraith / Bastardizer – Speed Armageddon

Have you ever heard a split before and felt that the two bands in question where a perfect match in every way, shape, and form to the point where they should always fucking be on tour together? It simply doesn’t happen enough with many splits, but when we do get such an occasion, it’s absolutely something that we should not let slip by. Despite each act already having found themselves a solid foothold in the underground world to solid success, America’s Wraith and Australia’s Bastardizer have teamed up for an absolutely blistering split the likes of which we simply don’t see enough and it’s so fucking quick you might tragically miss it.

Both of these bands are some of the best that the thrash world has to throw around, so if you haven’t heard them yet I cannot strongly urge you enough to take a few minutes now to go investigate their works. It all truly gets better and better the more recent you get as both acts have matured splendidly to become something not to be fucked with, and it’s all come to a voracious peak with “Speed Armageddon”. Truly, few titles get as appropriate at that. It’s just 15 minutes from start to finish between the five tracks that are brought forth here, three from Wraith (including a cover) and two from Bastardizer, and it all shows both of them at their peaks, somehow. I only say somehow because I’d normally expect the A-game material to be reserved for the full-length efforts or an EP, but, clearly, this shows that both Wraith and Bastardizer are perpetually at their A-game. Between Wraith’s more punk-infused ferocity and Bastardizer’s unyieldingly blasphemous approach, there isn’t a single iota of “Speed Armageddon” that isn’t just absolutely blistering to the very core as both bands work their hardest to make your very blood boil from the residual friction of the very speed that they’re constantly going at and it’s so fucking addicting that the already brisk 15-minute runtime feels even quicker with how much you find yourself sucked into the madness of it all. Right from the get-go, “Speed Armageddon” is exactly what you think it is and it delivers on every front: speed, raw madness, greatness, and uncompromising energy that permeates every single blistering note that’s presented to us.

It really feels like Wraith and Bastardizer could join and be one cohesive act with how similar they sound alike, but they’re clearly two distinct acts with their own unique flavors that all strike the right areas in the most perfect ways. “Speed Armageddon” is the peak of thrash that I’ve found myself listening to in months, if not years. It’s everything that a fan of speed could ever ask for, and if it’s not a sign of future excellence from both acts then I don’t know what will be.

LISTEN to “Speed Armageddon” on Bandcamp via Wraith here or via Bastardizer here.

LIKE Wraith on Facebook here.

LIKE Bastardizer on Facebook here.

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