Familiars – All In Good Time

The first quarter of 2020 was an absolute bounty for any fan of heavy rock as we got a true menagerie of different acts both small and large delivering new music that couldn’t be considered anything other than magnificent. It can easily be one of the most fascinating forms that all of rock can achieve across its wide selection of styles, and the sheer talent that it holds is truly staggering. Many new bands are always coming out with new material, but it’s with their outstanding first full-length album that Familiars has given us an album that’s arguable comparable to the great acts from just a few months ago.

It’s one thing to make some mildly heavy music filled with riffs and energy as that’s something many, many corners of rock are known for by billions of people, and that’s not even considering metal. But, in order to do it well, not to mention exceedingly so, is to automatically set yourself apart from the main rabble of thousands upon thousands of other acts out there. Out of Ontario, Familiars may not have been set out to become the best at their craft, but by the end of “All In Good Time”, I can’t help but sit here and feel this is a contender for one of the best heavy rock albums of the year. With tremendous energy and passion that oozes out of every second of this album, how could one not become absolutely enraptured by what’s to be found in “All In Good Time”? Familiars was undoubtedly successful with everything that they’ve brought to the table with this album in such a way that it’s a true pleasure to witness because of how easily you can lose yourself in the heaviness, heart, and psychedelia that’s on constant display here for any willing listener to fall back into without having to even think about it. It’s a fantastically detailed showcase with no two tracks sounding the same that constantly shows us how amazingly brilliant this band is despite this being their first go at a full-length album, and if that isn’t just a good sign of things to come from Familiars then I don’t know what is.

I really didn’t expect something this awesome so soon after that amazing wave of heavy rock we got just a few months ago, but I couldn’t be any happier to be proven wrong with Familiars defying all my expectations upon listening to this incredible release. In every possible way, “All In Good Time” succeeds with every goal it had during its creation, and to say that I’ll be keeping an extremely close eye upon this band in the future would be putting it extremely lightly.

LISTEN to “All In Good Time” on Bandcamp here.

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