Lowrider – Refractions

This year already promised great things with the likes of Big Scenic Nowhere coming out at the end of this month, but there is one other event that we should all stop to appreciate in all of its magnificence: the true return of the legendary Lowrider. They kickstarted the Swedish scene for their style years ago, and after many worthy imitations that have since garnered their own followings, it’s here with “Refractions” that Lowrider doubles back to show us just why they still hold the throne.

Do I really have to sit here and tell you that this album is good? Really, if you know Lowrider, you know exactly the kind of awesomeness that you’re in for. The only way I’d expect you to not know just how fucking grand of an album this is without listening to it is if you’ve never listened to Lowrider before, and I’d truly feel sorry for you. If you’re in the latter, there is no better place to start off than here as I truly do believe from the bottom of my heart that “Refractions” takes the cake as the greatest work of this legendary act by far. Just the first track alone is enough to satisfy everything I could ever ask for out of the style, but then it’s with one track after another that this album devastates as if it was the goal of this record to give us something to hold us over for the entirety of the fucking decade. We are not even two weeks into the decade as a whole and we’ve already reached a seemingly unsurmountable peak! Only Lowrider can do that and it’s with “Refractions” that they do that in every single song! We’re absolutely spoiled with untouchable riffs that go back to the style’s infancy, gorgeous psychedelia that drips forth like godly dew, and absolutely untouchable musicianship that cements Lowrider’s return in such fashion that it could almost bring a tear to the eye if we weren’t busy jamming the fuck out to this mythical piece. It’s hard to talk about “Refractions” without babbling on about how good it is, but that’s all I’ve been able to come up with after listening to this album for hours and hours and hours trying to get every little morsel that I could about “Refractions”, and I’m truly blown away to the point where all else I can say is that Lowrider truly are back now and it’s with “Refractions” that they’ve delivered the most glorious of returns.

I assure you that it’s not often whatsoever that I’m left at the end of any given album without much more than one praise after another, but that’s all I can do with “Refractions” because I still can’t get over how good it is! If you haven’t figured it out yet, please, don’t let this album pass you by as Lowrider has created something special of the highest degree and I truly feel sorry for you if you decide to let this go by.

“Refractions” releases on February 21st via Blues Funeral Recordings!

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