Clouds Taste Satanic – Evil Eye

Any fan of doom, be you new or old, can tell you that, outside of heaviness, the one thing that a doom band can wield that’s ever powerful is the ever self-sharpening sword that is a good fucking riff. It’s what so many, many bands of the style have based their entire careers around, and we’ve seen plenty of variations on the presentation of excellent riffs to where we’ve gotten some real class acts. Bringing the art of a slow burn with riffs galore to the front stage, Clouds Taste Satanic has always been an act to know and hear, and now it’s with “Evil Eye” that we get the first of two doses of instrumental doom that we’ve been desperately needing.

What makes Cloud Taste Satanic apart from the rest (for me, anyway) is how long-winded all of their songs are in the most spectacular way. It’s every album of their’s that we’ve gotten crunchy and groovy riffage coupled with unparalleled quality that comes together beautifully as their masterful craftsmanship comes into play with every single song. Then being instrumental on top of that creates an experience that’s truly one you can fall back into as Clouds Taste Satanic just take the reigns and take you literally anywhere, and it’s with such wordless exploration that “Evil Eye” manages to take us to a place that is oh so sweet. There are many things that have made this band as delicious as they’ve become in recent years after honing their craft from the escalating riffs to the constant energy to a beautiful variety across tracks that rarely slip beneath six minutes and it’s only recently that Clouds Taste Satanic refuses to go far below fourteen. And it’s with “Evil Eye” that we get two mammoth tracks about twenty minutes each to give this EP a fantastic 40-minute runtime filled with riffs, ripping solos, and a gloriously devilish theme to make this EP yet another excellent addition to this band’s discography as well as making this EP one of the most exemplary doom performances 2019 has thus far thrown our way. Through many peaks and valleys, “Evil Eye” delivers to us yet another tantalizing exhibit of what it means to perform doom at some of its best and it’s only fitting that Clouds Taste Satanic should deliver us that very material that’s still got me in a heavy daze.

Without a doubt, this was some of the material that I was looking forward to coming into this year. This is an act that never disappoints with the consistently staggering material that they always put out with each release, and “Evil Eye” is not only no different but also only the beginning for this band. Six months after the release of “Evil Eye” comes its twin, “Second Sight”, and I couldn’t think of anything more scrumptious to look forward to. And it’s only through great kindness and benevolence that Clouds Taste Satanic has given us “Evil Eye” only to tell us there’s more coming, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

“Evil Eye” releases on April 30th!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Evil Eye” on Bandcamp here.

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