Triumvir Foul – Urine of Abomination

With the, quite literally, thousands of bands that I’ve come across in the last few years, it’s only natural that I’m going to have a fair sized list of some acts that stick out from the crowd for one reason or another. When I stumbled across Triumvir Foul five years ago, the year of the band’s inception, I never would’ve guessed I’d still be talking about them today. After delivering two stellar full-lengths after that initial promising demo, Triumvir Foul returns to us yet again with the same amount of gore-covered splendor that they’ve become known for, but I feel the art makes it very clear that this is something different.

Whenever I’ve listened to Triumvir Foul in the past be it from their self-titled or “Spiritual Bloodshed”, it felt like a real assault on life itself and a very siege of one’s sanity. And in every way, it was infectious all the way all the time despite Triumvir Foul making every single effort form from pure might and carnal chaos that would make many cower simply in reference to. Each record has brought us something more or less along the same line of black/death amalgamating together to birth something that’s too foul for this physical world, and thus brings an infectious rot with it that people like me simply revel in. It’s their unending nastiness that keeps us coming back from the riffs that could peel flesh right from your bones to stretches of pure madness that are meant to dismantle the very pillars of reality. We get very much that same attitude and unyielding approach with this new EP, but things feel so much more blasphemous with “Urine of Abomination” more than ever and Triumvir Foul executed such a move with ungodly mastery and precision.

Going into the menacing realm of constant violence and bleeding skies that “Urine of Abomination” has brought forth from nothingness, I truly had no idea what to expect from Triumvir Foul this time around other than true caustic chaos. The reality is not far off from that, but whereas their full-lengths were embodiments of pure madness and felt like they followed no form whatsoever to follow a path of utmost flame and destruction, it’s with this vicious EP that we get a slight departure from that style. It’s with the four scathing pieces that make up this EP that we see the more traditional death metal elements coming into play and taking the main stage, much like their demo, “An Oath of Blood and Fire”, but with that classic plethora of flavors that Triumvir Foul has become known for. Couple that with a truly heretical theme of humiliating the idea of a godhead and proceeding to drown it in urine is a wholly unique idea that I never would’ve fathomed, but it’s with “Urine of Abomination” that we see it on full display and in no less than ultimate glory with not a single piece of this EP being anything to scoff at nor something that should not be taken lightly as this underground heavyweight has returned yet again to show us precisely what they’re made of!

It’s a fair debate to argue whether or not unbridled brutality can easily equal a good album or band, but I will always remain on the side that says it all depends on whose hands it’s in. If we’re talking about Triumvir Foul, I will always believe that we will never get a bad album in any capacity, and so far we’re four for four. In no small way, “Urine of Abomination” is the ultimate decimation of the worshipped in the most blasphemous fashion with apex musicianship that makes these four tracks a grand gift that keeps on giving no matter how long you bathe yourself in the madness that Triumvir Foul has yet again sent forth upon our unworthy souls.

“Urine of Abomination” releases on March 29th via Invictus Productions and Vrasubatlat!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Urine of Abomination” on Bandcamp here.

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