Hybrid Nightmares – Obelisk

Before 2019 even got going, I was already excited for it because I could see the gathering storm of releases that were heading my way. There were so fucking much from bands I love that are coming out that I can’t wait to hear from the likes of Inter Arma to Whispered to Zaum to Cattle Decapitation. But then there were some bands that I felt were due for new material but hadn’t announced anything yet with acts like My Sleeping Karma, Lord Dying, Downfall of Nur, and Hybrid Nightmares being bands that I want to hear from this year, but I try to make patience a foremost virtue of mine. The universe has smiled upon me with that patience as two of those acts of so far announced new material, and Hybrid Nightmares (obviously) is one of them and what we get with this EP is exactly what made me fall in love with this band, to begin with, our years ago.

A solid two-year cycle can be a healthy rate for a band to put out new material as it shows a constant flow of new ideas along with showing a solid passion for their craft, but it can also drain a band over time and even lead to them becoming essentially monotone after a few albums. Fortunately, the glory of Hybrid Nightmares seems high above such a dreadful fate like that. It was with their vicious four-part EP series, “The Ages”, that easily became one of the reasons why 2015 was one of my favorite years of metal. And then it was two years ago that “Almagest” was thrown upon us, and even though I wasn’t crazy over it, the album showed us exactly what this Australian act is capable of as they really embraced their progressive natures with the record without losing their signature aggression. But there was one thing above all else that “Almagest” lacked: the glorious worship of The Obelisk! And as if to beg for forgiveness and their lives, Hybrid Nightmares takes no long reprieves as it’s with “Obelisk” that Hybrid Nightmares takes all the experience that they’ve garnered up to this point to create what’s undoubtedly the most potent work that they’ve created thus far.

It’s with each successive release from Hybrid Nightmares has shown us a new side of the band, and, like I said, “Obelisk” is by far the most mature work that this band has released to date with everything that they’ve created culminating in this EP having as much power as a monolithic full-length! Where this album lacks in tracks, it instantly makes up for in quality with “Obelisk” having something that fans old and new can really sink their teeth into to get the most out of these five tracks. We get delicious treats of an aggressive melody coupled with an incredible display of progressive feats that trample over all other competition as Hybrid Nightmares has no mercy and leaves no room for survivors as they hail the Obelisk through the deepest reaches of space. “Obelisk” brings so much together so well that I’ve listened to it for days now and it still has me wholly intoxicated since that first spin of galactic excellence as Hybrid Nightmares returns to us in no less than tip-top fashion, better than ever! It has everything that anyone could ask for out of this act, and Hybrid Nightmares gladly delivers time after time.

To say that seeing the announcement was a pleasant surprise would be putting it incredibly mildly, and saying that it delivered in every area would be a criminal understatement. It’s in every possible way that Hybrid Nightmares met all of my expectations while simultaneously showing me so much more than what I was expecting. “Obelisk” is the sort of EP that I could rant about all day given how fucking monumental it is as a whole, but I must leave it at something simple: truly, this is an album that demands to be heard.

“Obelisk” releases on April 13th!

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