Esoctrilihum – The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods

It wasn’t too long ago that I brought up how some musicians seemingly don’t know when to sleep. It’s hard enough for a peon like myself to even conceptualize how to create the most basic song with some casual riffing on a single instrument much less enough to fill out a band! There are just some people out there to take that to extremes the likes of which continuously blow my mind. Esoctrilihum has already blown my mind three times over as it was with last year that Esoctrilihum two of my favorite releases as the immense step up in power, craziness, innovation, and occult mastery from the still awesome debut that my brain was melted through all of last year. Seven months is too long of silence for this guy as it’s with his third full-length album in less than a full year that Esoctrilihum has returned with an album that somehow tops everything done before and completely decimates the competition in the process.

Just to look at the fucking cover arts Esoctrilihum has sported the last year is enough to make your mind wonder what dark reaches of everything that is metaphysical this one-man band goes through to produce us music that’s fitting for such visually flavorful art. I once described as Esoctrilihum as black metal’s response to the likes of Howls of Ebb, but it’s in almost no time at all that this act shows us they are so much more than that. There are very few things that can keep me in place, reduce my mind to maddening whispers and mush, and then pull me back together in a sad heap to finish basking in its glorious like a new Esoctrilihum release. And it still holds true! With an even crazier art sporting its spirit and a sound that serves as somewhat of a missing link between the last two records, it’s with the long-winded name of “The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods” that Esoctrilihum – yet again! – delivers an experience worthy of note come to the closing of this year.

An album that covers 75-minutes is nothing to scoff at, yet nothing to trust lightly. It’d be easy to see an album with such a length as one with a lot of fluff to it that doesn’t have any sort of depth to it and, thus, has a lot of material that’s destined to be ignored. But it’s with magnificent craftsmanship and a meticulous style of songwriting that Esoctrilihum has made these eleven dark epics nothing short of absolutely gripping in the most disturbing way possible. If you’re familiar with this act then prepare for another vicious assault of pure void that brings together the interdimensional murder spree of “Pandaemorthium” and the face-melting black metal psychedelia of “Inhüma” with such sleek brilliance that is all but immeasurably potent and intoxicating. If you’re a fresh soul, I think it’d be pointless to tell you that you’re in for a wild ride here.

Not many things can compare to the full experience of a new Esoctrilihum record with all of its seemingly-infinite amount of moving parts and facets that all come together beautifully to illustrate this dark, fucked up visage of a decaying deity that does no less than scour your very soul until its a glimmering ember about to snuff itself out of existence. In every fucking possible way, “The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods” takes all the elements that Esoctrilihum has thrown down up to this point, turned the dial up to a million, and it simply goes. A record like this is hard to pair with something like the phrase “it simply goes”, but it’s the devilishly organic and hypnotic torments of Esoctrilihum that fit the description far too well to neglect. If nothing else, that is the one sign that Esoctrilihum is an act that’s to be heard, respected, and revered amongst the underground as it’s through the sheer genius and willpower of one mind that such a detailed horror can come to our ears.

Comparing this band to Howls of Ebb simply does it not enough justice. Putting it alongside a name like Tchornobog might be more fitting, but even then it’s clear with this behemoth fourth effort that Esoctrilihum is in a class all on its own. Extremely few can be as mysterious yet as widespread in their malice as Esoctrilihum has become, and it’s still with utter disbelief in the sheer magnitude of this effort that I eagerly give it the crown for the band’s discography as it’s hard to top something like its predecessors, yet it’s done here in barely three tracks. If the even sharper increase in grandeur with “The Telluric Ashes” is something to glean from, then, now more than ever, Esoctrilihum should be the name sung in many places around the world in both high reverence and mortal fear as this power is nothing that should stay hidden lest it destroy all life in an instant.

“The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods” releases on May 24th via I, Voidhanger Records!

The entity of Esoctrilihum does not appear to have any more social media accounts as to become more homogenous with the void. To keep up to date on the latest annals from the entity, please do like their record label on Facebook here in hopes of news.

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