Dakhma – Blessings of Amurdad

There are very few things out there that can compare to when metal goes to some of its more extreme tendencies and take on themes of religious or even occult origins for when those very themes are also taken to great lengths with loads of personality and fervor in its sound, we get something that we don’t see often enough. Dakhma has been a name to do just that damn well ever since their demo they put out six years ago, and it would be redundant to say that they’ve come a long way since. They’ve taken the concept further than what many have with the gift of time being all but a boon to them, and that is especially true when we take into consideration their brand of the brand new dark temple that they’ve built for their brand new effort.

Right out of the gate, anyone who knows Dakhma before this will already know that they’re in for an experience like immensely few others, but for those who don’t I highly doubt they would have heard anything quite like this beforehand given how wildly unique it is as Dakhma flourished in making their sound all their own with every album having something that the previous did not. When we take into consideration the eight tracks of haunting and gripping works rooted in ancient Persian Zoroastrianism that we get here as “Blessings of Amurdad” holds your attention without a single moment of release, reprieve, or restraint, it truly makes my jaw drop at the very prospect of what Dakhma has created out of those old sands to make for a vicious aural assault that is one for the ages. A deeply unsettling breed of mysticism permeates every possible moment of this album to the point that it would be a true task to rip yourself away from the glory happening before your eyes, this is art in one of its darkest forms whilst still being undeniably gorgeous to behold as we see the sands of time run backward as Dakhma provide a stunning aural painting that can only be likened to the cover art that is all but perfect for what we’re presented with for “Blessings of Amurdad”: a slowly crumbling structure built from ages past, slowly withered away by time and wind yet still having a spirit that can only be considered horrifying in a supremely sublime fashion that draws the wayward towards it as the visages of times long past with every moment of its existence the very definition of what it means to be lost in time.

Such a work like this is something that we are lucky to get from any corner of the underground even once a year with it being more than likely that it doesn’t happen that often, and just to know that and witness the utter glory that Dakhma has for the entirety of this creation really does make it an effort that is beyond exhilarating to bathe yourself in as the dark rituals proceed and gods long unspoken are invoked once again. To become one with “Blessings of Amurdad” is to become one with the ether of ghosts drawn from ancient energies of the desert that all have new life breathed into them by all that Dakhma conjures and succeeds in as they crafted this dark, exquisite experience.

LISTEN to “Blessings of Amurdad” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dakhma on Facebook here.

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