Daemonelix – Devil’s Corkscrew

Whenever I sit and consider the many different directions and branches that the world of metal has taken over the decade, I find it a tad interesting that it’s in the modern era that we don’t really see as many bands going for something that feels both palatable and interesting yet still having a satisfying level of heaviness and talent to it that doesn’t make the effort feel much more than wanna-be radio metal.  There are plenty of bands out there attempting to do all of that, sure, but very few are able to pull it off well. Heading into the debut EP from Daemonelix, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had my doubts, but it’s on the other side of this EP that I can’t help but feel like there’s the potential for real gold to be had here.

I would be stretching the truth at the very least if I were to sit here and try to tell you that what I heard within the confines of “Devil’s Corkscrew” was something that I found utterly brilliant or downright captivating right until the end since what Daemonelix has put together here simply isn’t that, but there is a particular energy that comes into every fiber of the EP that makes it a real eye-catcher if you’re sharp enough to spot the glory in this seemingly unassuming debut. Composed of just four tracks, “Devil’s Corkscrew” doesn’t have much time to make a significant impression on the listener, but it truly does maximize every minute it’s given to work with an interesting blend of different styles that are distilled into a very approachable concoction that still hits all the right notes of accessible grunge with a doom-like edge and groove metal mentality. It makes for a no-nonsense sound filled with all sorts of attitude right alongside pent-up aggression that doesn’t know the definition of backing down while still managing to pair power with the strategy for an effective result which is what the finality of “Devil’s Corkscrew” is right from the beginning: a small package with a potent punch that doesn’t waste time in any instance.

With this being the debut piece from this band, I cannot help but feel as though there is loads of potential to be had from this group as they continue to grow as a unit as they proceed to ham together and flesh out their sound into something no less than deadly for you can really feel that throughout much of this EP even though it more than easily stands on its own merits. Daemonelix has made for an admirable attempt with “Devil’s Corkscrew”, and it definitely makes me cock an eyebrow when thinking about what they could do given the gift of time and the initiative to maximize such a gift.

LISTEN to “Devil’s Corkscrew” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Daemonelix on Facebook here.

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