Genocide Pact – s/t

There are more than enough ways to deliver some worthwhile death metal with it easily being one of the most fleshed out and expansive styles to grace the world of metal by far with its popularity never once waning and every era having throngs of fans to call its own. Yet, it almost always feels as though the death metal that gets the most attention tends to be the straightforward, no bullshit, go-for-the-throat death metal that doesn’t take any fancy routes or try to make a flashy performance in some form or another, but, like all types of music, it still takes an immensely talented band to bring it to life in a way that doesn’t feel boring or uninspired. Genocide Pact could’ve very easily

Death metal can very easily feel like vicious background noise if it’s not done right which is a reality that happens far too often, but it’s since their start not too long ago that Genocide Pact has proven themselves to be a cut above such failure with their debut effort showing us what they’re made of with their eponymous sophomore creation only adding emphasis onto it. They could’ve gone down literally any path given how punishing their debut was when it came out just barely not four years ago, and we even get a little peak as to what could’ve been and what still might towards the end of this record, but it’s clear with every moment given to us here that Genocide Pact are more than thrilled to deliver the sort of material that they do here with it being the very peak of punishing and all-consuming. With their carnivorous riffs and forward assault upon all things good in this world, there is no stone unturned nor prisoner taken here as Genocide Pact really show us what they can do on a follow-up offensive. It would be effortless to call this a roughly copy-paste effort if you look at the surface of this work and its predecessor, but go right below the surface and you will quickly find that not only are they worlds apart but Genocide Pact’s evolution is all but evident with the intricacies of their craft as these eight vicious pieces showing us just how well Genocide Pact has progressed in such a relatively short time with raw intensity being the main part of the show while the smaller moving parts make this a sight to behold for any fan of death metal be they new or old.

This could have effortlessly been a work that is no more than a simple repeat of the band’s previous effort with all the same tones and keys taken in order to deliver a manufactured experience that’s made for little more than to just get the attention of the masses, and the experience between all the members truly goes a long way to bring Genocide Pact back to us in a way that is nothing short of substantial. Every step that this eponymous works takes is another foot forward in the vicious tapestry that Genocide Pact is slowly making for themselves, and anyone would be remiss to skip over this important thread of ferocity that is all but fascinating to behold and watch it do what excels at.

“Genocide Pact” releases on December 3rd via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to singles from “Genocide Pact” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Genocide Pact on Facebook here.

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