La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio – Trivial Visions

When a band is able to approach the vast world of psychedelic music and achieve something that is undeniably worth listening to, it’s always a reason to celebrate and dive in. But it’s when a band is able to take that one step further into that deep and gloriously uncharted reach of psychedelia that we have the potential for something truly mind-bending to take place, and that’s a rare occasion that I refuse to ever pass up. With their last album, La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio definitely impressed, but it’s with this new effort that they stretch their legs for an outstanding performance that is always firing on all cylinders.

Works like this are what I like to consider deep psychedelia. We’ve all heard the “casual” psych-rock band whether it be some obscure classic act or a relatively new name that has done something worth talking about for the sound, but it’s when a single band is able to walk further into the world of psychedelia to become truly immersed in all that it can be with the music being downright transcendent in its rhythms, flows, and overall atmosphere that comes together for an absolute kaleidoscope of a performance. In every form, that’s what’s brought to the table for “Trivial Visions”. No two listens of this album are the same as it’s in every track that the brain can form a completely different visage even if it’s on constant repeat as La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio really show us that they are masters at capturing the imagination of the listener to an enthralling effect that never once lets up when we the psychedelia pulls back just a little to let the band hit us with some tasteful rock or even the occasional dip into metal that works far too well. And with every member bringing their A-game for the entirety of “Trivial Visions”, it’s hard for me to sit here and not say that this is an album that is near-essential for any fans of psychedelia born from space in a way that is not only fluid but beyond intoxicating. La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio did a magnificent job with this effort in every possible way, and, if nothing else, it shows us that these Italian rocketeers are not to be underestimated for one second.

Between the engrossing nature of this album and the undeniable talent that La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio brings to the table at all times, it’s hard not to practically fall in love with what’s accomplished with “Trivial Visions” and I will surely be returning to this record time and time again like I’m going through psychedelic withdrawal. Space rock, psych-rock, awesome – whatever it is you want to call it, La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio hits all the right notes to craft an album that is no less than stupendous!

LISTEN to “Trivial Visions” on Bandcamp here.

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