Muka – Patologija Poniznosti

A band that dares to cross the lines of genrefication and seems to really go out of their way to bring forth an experience that truly defies expectations and puts us through a listen that’s damn good right from the beginning will eternally have my respect. When I first heard Muka years ago, I knew that I had encountered a band that more than qualified as such. It’s been a while since I had heard them, though, and plenty could have changed since then, but upon hearing their latest effort, it’s clear that Muka’s vision to create an impactful listen that is quite different is still very much at the forefront of their performance.

Initially, I wanted to sit here and call this performance predominantly black metal, but Muka does a damn good job at bringing together elements from all over extreme metal as we’re given flavors from death and doom as well as black to provide us with an eclectic listen that’s as raw as it is determined to be utterly devastating right from the very beginning. But, there’s so much more to unpack in “Patologija Poniznosti” than talking about the different styles at play here. It’s the raw, unbridled intensity that Muka is bringing forth at a constant pace that really makes these five tracks impactful from top to bottom even if there’s still room for Muka to improve upon their craft which they definitely acted up after their last effort four years ago. “Patologija Poniznosti” feels more mature in its songwriting but it still absolutely retains that overwhelming sense of raw intensity that permeates every second of this record to provide us with a listen that delivers on virtually every front as Muka brings forth tremendous riffs paired with power that cannot be easily contained, and it shouldn’t be any wonder that Muka has massively excelled with this effort.

This is one of those efforts that many of us have heard at some point or another with the style not firmly placing itself in one area versus another, but few have the tenacity that Muka has on full display at all times throughout the effort. Right until the very end, “Patologija Poniznosti” is crafted to bludgeon us upside the heads with unbridled power the likes of which is nigh on delicious and any of us would be remiss ignore what has been brought forth for this work.

LISTEN to “Patologija Poniznosti” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Muka on Facebook here.

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