Progenie Terrestre Pura – starCross

 Last year, the spacial entity known as Progenie Terrestre Pura took us on yet another trip across the cosmos. It was beautiful, intense, and an absolute joy to listen to that still permeates the album to this day. The band had been promising new material for this season for a while, and they’ve kept their promise! What Progenie Terrestre Pura has done with this EP is basically the antithesis to the beauty of its predecessor, and created an EP that’s rich in story and raw energy!

There’s a certain charm to concept albums no matter what form they take that always captivate me to the fullest extent. It’s always nice to have a story, even if it’s one that has been done before. Progenie Terrestre Pura channels the spirit of classics like “Alien” with this smashing EP, “starCross”, telling a familiar tale of a ship discovering and investigating an unknown signal from an unknown, unmapped sector and the horrors that ensue. It’s a tale that’s perfect for the void of space despite how cliche it may seem now, and I couldn’t picture a better band to carry say a tale. Sure, cosmic black metal has the likes of Mesarthim and Mare Cognitum to propel it forward, but Progenie Terrestre Pura adds a different layer to the mix. “starCross” isn’t the first album to do such albeit certainly the best showcase in my eyes, but it brings in elements of atmosphere combined with industrial factors that bring a technical feel to it all that Progenie Terrestre Pura pulls off without breaking a single sweat. It allows for “starCross” to become a shining example of what this niche style can become, and Progenie Terrestre Pura holds nothing back with this EP being incredibly intense, something that really gets the blood flowing real fucking quick, and a rollercoaster of a story that doesn’t stop for us to take even a quick breather. Everything is set to an eleven here, and the sheer quality of “starCross” is all but undeniable when looked at from any angle.

There are incredibly few bands in the cosmic black metal genre, and Progenie Terrestre Pura barely makes the cut. I say that because while this act definitely has the qualifications for the style, they don’t settle there as they propel themselves forward with a cinematic experience with each album paired with metal that’s all but the most deliciously immersive stuff a blending of atmospheric black and industrial metal can provide. It all then comes to a head with “starCross”, and it’s a trip I feel everyone should get a taste of at least once.

“starCross” releases on June 11th via Avantgarde Music!

PRE-ORDER “starCross” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Progenie Terrestre Pura on Facebook here.

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