Mongrel’s Cross – Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court

 Thrash has always been a tricky style for me to get into because there isn’t a lot of variation with regular thrash, death-, and black-infused being the three I’ve really only been able to come across. It’s far from a bad thing, but it leaves something to be desired. I haven’t heard much thrash in recent times so I’ve been slowly trying to make up for it, and I vowed to do so tonight with Mongrel’s Cross being a treat that I definitely wasn’t expecting but enjoyed to the very end.

If you do even a little bit of research into today’s budding metal scenes across the world, you’ll find it a common trend that Australia has some of the tastiest and most interesting bands that the entire scene has to offer. The country has spawned countless class acts for us to eat up, and Mongrel’s Cross is yet another fine group that shows us how it’s fucking done. Within the confines of “Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court”, this duo returns from a six-year silence that has borne fruit that’s all but incredibly delectable with its rich flavors and intensity that never lets up for even a second. That’s something that is very common in thrash, and Mongrel’s Cross brings a black metal flavor to the mix with these eight tracks, particularly in the vocals, which brings a special highlight to the mix with “Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court” that helps the album pop versus just being fast. It’s a simple thing that has been done countless times, but Mongrel’s Cross makes it sound fucking massive with this entire album being a true rager in every way as this duo shows what it means to hone your craft in order to stand out from the crowd while still adhering to the basic roots of your style. Something that is typically hard to do, but these Australians make it sound like fucking child’s play.

The realm of thrash isn’t all that ripe for innovation in terms of sound, but that doesn’t stop bands like Mongrel’s Cross from providing immaculate musicianship that we can’t get enough of. “Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court” is a weighty and meaty album that is sure to give any fan of thrash one hell of a good time, and I can only see this Australian duo getting all the more awesome with each proceeding album.

“Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court” releases on August 3rd via Hells Headbangers!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mongrel’s Cross on Facebook here.

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