Vil Murra – Grandes Exitos

 There aren’t many cases of punk where I can really gravitate towards an album while agreeing with it completely and not feeling there’s more to be desired. More times than not, the punk molds with thrash to become a tasteful crossover that really knows how to draw someone like me in. I used to only be into Iron Reagan, but perhaps it’s time to spread my horizons. Today, I look to Argentina for Vil Murra whose second album is far from a ridiculously stellar piece but it fucking rips nonetheless.

Going into “Grandes Exitos”, I somehow forgot that the band was from Argentina so hearing the vocals threw me completely off because the sound of the vocals themselves and the words didn’t mix at first, but they quickly formed a powerful sound after I remembered what I was hearing. In their entirety, the vocals have a damn near perfect feel and attitude for crossover given their speed, unrelenting sense of rebellion, and a fuck everyone attitude that goes perfectly with the instruments. Those do their own part in bringing a ferocious sense of speed, power, and everything else you would expect from a crossover record, and the special flavor of raw energy mixed with that unique underground flavor and you’ve got an album with the formula to tear the walls down every time the “Grandes Exitos” plays. Vil Murra truly knows how to keep a consistent energy and pacing in between the ten tracks as you’re never left with downtime nor are we left high and dry because “Grandes Exitos” didn’t take the opportunity to complete a satisfying listen.

There’s always a level of suspicion going into every punk record regarding the record’s quality, but such suspicions are immediately dashed with “Grandes Exitos” as it’s only a few steps shy of a stupendous crossover piece. Vil Murra has definitely made a compelling album with these ten tracks, I can’t help but recommend to anyone who wants to tear down the fucking walls and go absolutely insane.

LISTEN to “Grandes Exitos” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below

LIKE Vil Murra on Facebook here.

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