Paleons – Hyperborean

 Ever since I could remember being into music, I’ve always been on the search for special albums that truly take the listener to a completely different place mentally. In recent years I’ve found that instrumental rock tends to take me to that place more often than not, and it’s been a fair while since I’ve searched for a record of that style that took me where I wanted. Paleons helped me out of that drought with their latest record, and it’s precisely what I was fucking seeking.

After having a really cool looking cover at that really catches your eye, this record does nothing but do justice for all of instrumentalism in rock as “Hyperborean” is a prime example of the high peaks the style can get to and how distinctly diverse it can be. And Paleons doesn’t leave the excellent silent story-telling of this record to your basic strings or drums and allow the introduction of a violin and some synths to really bring some delectable flavor into the mix that helps “Hyperborean” transcend to a place that many instrumental rock bands can only dream of reaching. This record as a whole is the kind of thing that keeps people interested in instrumental rock, to begin with, and that includes me, simply because it’s captivating, imaginative, and doesn’t rely on the use of a vocalist to propel the songs forward. Nothing ties down “Hyperborean”, not even dimensional confines lock this piece down from its shifting soundscape to its gripping rhythms to its masterfully crafted realm that’s painted without a single word being uttered. It takes talent to produce something of that caliber for a near hour-long record, and Paleons hit it out of the fucking park with this record and stand as yet another band of this style that I need to keep my eyes on. I recommend you do the very same.

From start to finish, this piece is a journey laced with excitement and psychedelia that never stops and this band only profits from that with each passing moment. Paleons was a random band that happened to catch my eye on Bandcamp, and I’m eternally grateful that my discovery ended in a pleasant surprise. “Hyperborean” is a momentous album, that much is certain, and I can see myself immersing my consciousness into it’s multi-dimensional reaches time and again simply to soak my mind in an interstellar experience like few others.

LISTEN to “Hyperborean” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Paleons on Facebook here.


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