Ljosazabojstwa – Sychodžańnie

 The allure of the much darker side of metal has always been something that’s pulled me into some pretty disturbing places for the genre, and it’s also led me to plenty of awesome bands as well as some underwhelming ones with some managing to land right in the middle. Those who land right in the center need greater time and finesse to bring their dark image to life, and that’s how I felt with Ljosazabojstwa who clearly learned from their debut and pulled out all the stops with their upcoming EP of pure void.

Perhaps it’s that demon/banshee/thing on the cover art of “Sychodžańnie” is what Ljosazabojstwa was trying to embody with this album, and whether or not that was the goal these Belarusian brought forth a record that can only be described as a bottomless pit of demons that you enter as soon as you start the record. All thirty-two minutes of “Sychodžańnie” are covered top to bottom with seething black metal coated with a thin layer of death metal that adds just enough flavor, malevolence, and taste into the mix that it feels much more balanced in terms of its maddening chaos. And compared to their debut EP, Ljosazabojstwa just seems to have a much better grasp on both what they’re trying to go for in terms of sound and then how to portray in an entertaining matter. That’s growth the likes of which I always appreciate because it shows the band members don’t have a one-track-mind way of thinking, and instead try to advance their sound and “Sychodžańnie” is an excellent representation of that. It’s menacing, it’s brooding, it’s fucking vicious to the very end, and it’s a dynamic piece that may not be a mind-boggling example of the potential of blackened death metal or even the full potential of Ljosazabojstwa as a whole, but it definitely shows that these guys are trying their damnedest to bring forth a truly different album that will scar our very souls, and that’s something that’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

Never would I think that a country such as Belarus would produce a band like this, yet the world has surprised me yet again. Ljosazabojstwa has made such an interesting piece with “Sychodžańnie” as it shows growth for the band musically, and it’s also a bold trek against the sub-reaches of the human mind; a place where most fear to go. That didn’t prevent these guys from going head-long in there, however, and it’s made for a truly interesting follow-up that shows definite promise if nothing else.

LISTEN to “Sychodžańnie” on Bandcamp here.


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