Switchboard Marion – The Wolf

 Many people would have you believe that the breed of bands has died out in the new millennium. The breed of bands that simply start off in the garage as a jam session between friends and create the music that they want is what several happen to think is a thing of the past, but that’s far from true. You simply have to know where to look in order to find them, and once you do it gets quite interesting in the event of finding new bands like Switchboard Marion.

Sometimes you can get much more enjoyment out of a band’s missteps when it comes to albums or EPs because it shows that the band in question is simply at the start of their journey with the imperfections being something every musician goes through. The three tracks that we’re given with Switchboard Marion’s latest piece of “The Wolf”, it’s a very black and white mix as the set has plenty of positives to call its own yet it also claims a few misnomers along the way. “The Wolf” has an interesting sound that reels you in quite well in plenty of aspects and that’s what makes things intriguing with this very, very small band as it shows they’ve already got a fair sense of musicianship to call their own, and that’s definitely something to build upon. Yet, this EP sounds a tad cookie cutter when it hits my ears as it can sometimes sound like a basic amalgamation between the much larger bands that influenced Switchboard Marion with bits of Tool and even some Chevelle coming into the final mix that shines through which ultimately gives off this flavor that definitely attractive, yes, but it just feels… unoriginal sometimes. Luckily, that only pops up for a few moments throughout “The Wolf” but it’s definitely a lingering aspect that should be fixed if this band wants to form any sort of identity for themselves, but there’s plenty of fun to be had with this formula which wouldn’t be a bad thing by any means.

Either way, “The Wolf” comes out with imperfections that are fair and understandable, yet Switchboard Marion still comes out on top with quite the tasty sound that I could definitely find myself coming back to upon a follow-up. Just polish things up a bit, get a little bit more experience, and really go for it. That’s my wish list, but otherwise, Switchboard Marion has got a quality sound that can be definitely worked with, and I’d be more than interested in seeing how that can happen now that I’ve heard “The Wolf”.

LISTEN to “The Wolf” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Switchboard Marion on Facebook here.


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