AC/DC – Rock or Bust

10703995_10152761215532930_1090147185692117753_n They’re back and they’ve fucking done it again! AC/DC’s latest and possibly greatest album “Rock or Bust” came out earlier this week and it has been astounding fans who love their original work and love it even more to see that this album kind of hearkens back to the early days of this revolutionary revered band that we all know and love. This album packs AC/DC’s renowned explosive punch in their music comes at us once again with the signature vocals along with the rhythmic badassery that only AC/DC has utterly mastered beyond reason to the point where their music is great for any situation and that goes triple for “Rock or Bust”. I listened to this album literally 4 times in a row before finally forcing myself to put away and type this review. Cycle 5 is still going right now. It’s amazing. The fact that this feels like a throwback to me makes this album infinitely better because I love their early work the most, and this just brings all that full circle for me which is a really, really weird feeling. Each and every song from this album are absolutely great to where this is absolutely probably the best rock album of 2014 by far.


WATCH the official music video for “Rock or Bust” on YouTube here.

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