Insaniter – Half Faces EP

10347403_813164545414401_5570871872720598236_n This new EP from Insaniter is thrash metal that is beyond acceptable. “Half Faces” brings electrifying guitars (as all thrash metal aims to do) that give this EP a very organic feel to it because of how fast they are while still being able to keep the rhythm and pace sounding amazing along with the vocals and drums that are just great. And I know what you’re thinking – well this just sounds like some ordinary thrash metal band, so why in the actual fuck would you want to hear it when you can just fire up some Metallica if you’re into them? Well, Insaniter brings something unique to the table. At least it did for me anyway. The vocals aren’t the fast and raw kind of many thrash metal bands out there. Instead, they have a more in-your-face feel to them that don’t go away for the whole EP and that just makes each song feel more and more potent as a thrash metal album in my opinion. And to me when a thrash band can take a little bit of time away from the fast and hyper guitars for something slower and more (dare I say) calming, then that band has taken the first few steps to truly master their craft. That’s what Insaniter has done in my eyes.


LISTEN to “Screaming Pictures” off the EP on YouTube here.

LIKE Insaniter on Facebook here.



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