Death Whore – s/t

Just imagining death metal and hardcore coming together sounds like something that should be much more widespread I feel. It’s a fusion with virtually unending potential given both styles can gel so easily with each other if done properly, but … Continue reading Death Whore – s/t

Black Cat Bones – False Promises & Wasted Time

 If there was ever a single band to prove that hard rock is still alive and well, it’s Black Cat Bones whose debut album, “False Promises & Wasted Time”, shows that the hard rock scene of the world still has plenty of talent that isn’t ready to stop playing just yet. Black Cat Bones’ album has a real classic hard rock feel and pace to it that persists through all five tracks that are done very, very well as it is just the thing you’d expect to hear from a band wanting to have their music heard. And goddamn it have … Continue reading Black Cat Bones – False Promises & Wasted Time

Morthus – Into Oblivion

 The amount of new bands that have popped up in the last five years alone is staggering to say in the absolute least. And sometimes bands will think to add a little extra to spice things up a bit. With Morthus that little extra is making the blackened death a little melodic to bring some form into the mix and making it just a little bit more pleasing to people who can’t get enough of a good rhythm or beat out of their music. “Into Oblivion” brings the brutality in such a way that the melodic element isn’t overwhelming but … Continue reading Morthus – Into Oblivion

White Mantis – Fukkin’ Demo

 As I enter into the third straight day of listening to new thrash metal, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are plenty of good thrash metal bands out there. Some are fast. Some are raw. Some are both. White Mantis is both. Their debut album, “Fukkin’ Demo”, is, as you might’ve guessed from the album’s cover art, here to only punch faces and leave your sorry ass in the dust to wonder what the fuck just happened. Now I’m not sure if this is an actual demo as it sounds like it’s gone through the studio and been through tuning and … Continue reading White Mantis – Fukkin’ Demo

Seven7 – The Follower

 I’m not quite sure what it is, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this band likes the number seven just a little bit. I don’t know what it is. Just a feeling. Anyway, “The Follower” is what you would typically expect from a progressive metal album with each song having a different characteristic that shows an attitude of out-of-the-box thinking that was done during the writing for this album. An excellent example would be how in one track is starts out with a very famous and dramatic piece of classical music the name of which I don’t even know … Continue reading Seven7 – The Follower

Bhayanak Maut – Man

 “Man” is the third and final installment of a trilogy depicting the life cycle of cancer itself, and emphasizing the fact that mankind is the absolute greatest cancer to have ever existed on this planet in its unrelenting destruction and violence that we’ve committed. Well, Bhayanak Maut has taken those two things and implemented them into this one album were that cancer is displayed in one of the most angry, destructive, and complex metal performances I’ve ever fucking seen. Every single one of the 17 tracks featured on “Man” contribute just a little to the album trilogy and helps complete the … Continue reading Bhayanak Maut – Man

Orbseven – .ismos.

 It’s weird whenever I go to listen to the album and I try to listen to what the vocalist is saying, and I can barely even hear what he’s saying. I get that atmospheric black metal relies on the atmospheric element (shocker), but you know sometimes you can hear the vocals and they have a presence. But with Orbseven’s newest album, “.ismos.”, that’s taken to a completely different level and brings the vocals to the background so they provide an ambiance to the album along with the rhythmic guitars and drums that are a very good combo for this style … Continue reading Orbseven – .ismos.

Desolate Pathway – Valley of the King

 Never once has it ever crossed my mind to imagine what would happened if you were to mix quality doom metal with very well done folk/epic metal, but Desolate Pathway’s debut “Valley of the King” shows exactly what that would sound like and it is epic to say in the absolute least! The slower pace of these doom guitars along with the epic metal theme of a great prince going on a long, perilous journey to reclaim his throne with each of the 8 tracks telling of the trials and the difficulties that he went through in order to reach … Continue reading Desolate Pathway – Valley of the King

POSTE942 – Extended Play

 This brilliant 5-track album of southern metal from POSTE942 is something that is very edgy for hard rock and has a lick of metal in there to shake things up a bit, and it works fabulously. “Extended Play” busts in with a grunge sound to the guitars that are greatly backed up with the melody of  the vocalist whose voice is absolutely perfect for this southern style of hard rock where each riff is gritty as fucking sandpaper. The cover art alone shows the grit that is jam packed into these songs to the absolute brim which gives the album the feel … Continue reading POSTE942 – Extended Play

Spine Crown – The Evil Next Door

 Weird how the last 2-track album that I did was Obduktion’s death metal “Mors Janua Vitae”, and now here’s another such album from Spine Crown. Go figure. Anyway, “The Evil Next Door” is a throwback to the more classic death metal with a true brutal sound to both tracks that constantly pound away at the ear drums and never cease the whole time. While each one isn’t exactly fucking fabulous in my opinion, they’ve definitely got heaps of quality to them that should get plenty of death metal fans out there like myself to tap their feet in approval. “The … Continue reading Spine Crown – The Evil Next Door