Origin of Infinity – After the Slumber

More so than ever before, the deathcore world has never been in better hands nor as many given how popular and widespread the sound has become since its inception. That being said, though, the old adage that all know more than applies to this situation as well as many others: more does not always mean better. It’s wonderful to see so many different names have their own attempts at bringing glory to the style over the years given how much potential there is for raw power as well as emotion, but it’s only in a handful of instances in any given year that we manage to see works that live up to such potential. With their second full-length offering, Origin of Infinity proves to be well on its way to climbing the ranks to show its worth in a clamorous scene.

While some may dismiss the worlds of deathcore and metalcore as not much to pay attention to, I’ve never quite understood the stigma against the sound with there always being more than a few interesting offerings to be discovered whether it come from names that have been around for several years or those who are really only just starting out. Origin of Infinity may not be just starting out, but with their first release only coming out just three years ago, it goes without saying that there is still more than enough room for improvement for the act even if that initial creation was abnormally engaging. What is clear, though, with the release of “After the Slumber” is that this trio made up of two guitarists and a drummer, the bass and vocalist slots filled in by fascinating guests, already have a clear understanding of not only the sound that they’re going for but how they want to deliver it to maximum effect. Including guests from bands like Cuttered Flesh, Wictims, and Bohemyst, the core members of Origin of Infinity already have a lot going for them with the additional appearances only adding further flavor to this straightforward but no less than viciously effective mix that manages to achieve much without altering the general formula for what most can come to expect from deathcore with that really being the only lamentation that I could have for “After the Slumber”. A somewhat by-the-numbers creation for the style but still a work that has enough passion and soul to get anyone sucked into what is put forth here, Origin of Infinity is more than certainly on the right path for excellence given what has been thrown down in these ten tracks.

It would be a gross overstatement to claim that this creation is anywhere near some of the best from the style that I’ve heard in the last while, but it is certainly some of the more engaging that I’ve come across. Much of the scene manages to fall flat as they don’t do much to really grab the listener’s attention for one reason or another, but it’s in the crafting of “After the Slumber” that Origin of Infinity managed to dodge such a fate altogether and come out undeniably on top.

LISTEN to “After the Slumber” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Origin of Infinity on Facebook here.

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