Veldune – s/t

On occasion, we’re treated with albums that feel like embodiments of light more than anything else. In those instances, it tends to be that the music feels warm and capturing as it wraps around you snuggly with such passion and talent that becomes all but intoxicating in the best scenarios. Every so often, however, we get something that flips the script, however slight it may be. Venturing into the debut effort from Veldune, there wasn’t anything that could make me expect what would come next, and what came next was nothing short of tremendous.

Radiating the same kind of energy that can only be likened to that of gorgeous, captivating neon light in the dark night as the rain trickles down, Veldune is the sort of release that many have tried to emulate in some form or another, but it has been actual years since I’ve come upon any sort of body of work that can be compared even close to what has been summoned forth here. It quickly allows this eponymous work not to just stand out, but take on a life and soul that is entirely and wholly its own. There are plenty of ways to coax someone into believing that Veldune falls firmly into the realm of psychedelic rock, yet that simply couldn’t be any further from the truth as it’s even though that style has more than one part in this extravagant display, it is but one of several moving parts that enable this beast to take form. Ethereal in nature and downright captivating from virtually all angles, Veldune’s entrance into the world is no less than visionary as we’re granted dreamlike visions alongside intoxicating beats that make for a dazzling trip among the lights in the darkest, dreamiest of nights. This is simply one of those creations that demand you fall back into all that it has to offer for while there seems to be more than enough on the surface of this effort, once you start to peel back into what Veldune has managed to deliver on just their first album.

While a release of this quality shouldn’t be that much of a surprise given the talent of the musicians who make up Veldune, that doesn’t detract from the simple glory of the situation for even an instant. What’s brought to the table here is a truly hearty meal of real wonder and glory the likes of which we’re hard-pressed to find anywhere else at any given time with Veldune setting the bar extremely high with the prospect of any future material from the name all but supremely mouth-watering.

LISTEN to “Veldune” on Bandcamp here.

FOLLOW Veldune on Instagram here.

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