Ruby the Hatchet – Fear is a Cruel Master

For all the names that the vast realm of psychedelia has dished out over the decades, it’s pretty clear to any who pays attention that there are a number of names that manage to rise above the rest to make names for themselves with magnificent works of riffs, atmosphere, and trippiness the likes of which truly boggle the mind. Of all the names out there to discover, Ruby the Hatchet has to be one of those that are some of the easiest to come across. Since their arrival on the scene ten years ago, nothing has been the same. A band that takes a head-on approach to hard-hitting rock alongside a smooth yet uncompromisingly thick layer of psychedelia that has so much to offer, it’s with their latest creation that they prove why they still remain at the forefront of the scene.

This is one of those albums that simply doesn’t need anyone to claim its wondrous properties for all that it brings to the table given the band’s reputation up to this point. After performances like “Valley of the Snake” and “Planetary Space Child”, I highly doubt that the name of Ruby the Hatchet needs any sort of introduction as their creations have become true staples of the psychedelic world for all that each effort brings to the table only elevating their status all the higher. Any sort of news as to fresh material from the act would be marvelous in the lightest of senses, and that couldn’t be any more spot-on for “Fear is a Cruel Master”. Yet again, it’s hard for me to sit here and claim that Ruby the Hatchet has accomplished anything short of a real wonder of an album. Eight tracks that are filled gloriously with everything that has ever made the style such a treat in its earliest days all the way to the tremendous state that it finds itself in today’s landscape, it’s “Fear is a Cruel Master” that manages to live up to that magnificent reputation whilst managing to deliver right unto its final fading notes. It’s the sort of album that makes someone wonder how anything else could’ve possibly happened when the stars are fortunate enough to align for a fresh offering from the likes of Ruby the Hatchet, and how can one not bask in the excellence of this creation and not feel as though such a result was all but destined?

Of all the names out there, it’s much like King Buffalo and Monolord that Ruby the Hatchet is one that never disappoints no matter the occasion. Their reliability has only gotten great with each successive album without fail, and it’s with the gift of time that they’ve become a true powerhouse on a scale that is all but staggering. “Fear is a Cruel Master” is nothing short of expected from this name, but that doesn’t detract even a single iota from the grandiose mastery that is presented to us here.

“Fear is a Cruel Master” releases on October 21st via Magnetic Eye Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Fear is a Cruel Master” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Ruby the Hatchet on Facebook here.

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