Blind Guardian – The God Machine

Hands down, as one of the most prominent names in all of the world of power metal, the lack of new material from the kings of Blind Guardian since their last album, “Beyond the Red Mirror”, seven years ago truly made it feel as though a light had disappeared from the very scene. Since then, the prospect of a new creation from these masters has been all but viciously tantalizing in every aspect of what it means for everybody all around, and it was only a matter of time before they returned to us. Finally, we can rest easy with Blind Guardian’s latest full-length the return we’ve been salivating for a while being the push into a new direction that is all but wondrously intriguing right from the get-go.

When you’re a staple icon of your respective style like Blind Guardian who hasn’t been around for a number of years, a change of direction is one of the natural courses to take to not only keep your sound still exciting and dynamic for your fanbase but still fun to perform for the musicians themselves behind the name. Otherwise, that’s running the risk of new material feeling boring or downright lifeless in more ways than one, but with a true masterstroke that only furthers the glorious reputation of Blind Guardian, it’s the very whole of “The God Machine” that such a terrible fate has been aptly avoided. With the experience that this band has gathered for itself over the years decade all of their experience and talent speak nothing but volumes for what they’re capable of, it’s the nine tracks and 51 minutes of this new offering that present to us another experience from Blind Guardian that simply can’t be seen as anything short of another titanic victory. Bounding melodies alongside an epic mindset that makes the riffs and soaring vocals all the more intoxicating, the very DNA of every great performance from Blind Guardian is present for the entirety of the release, but it’s with the inclusion of a slightly more aggressive approach that’s enhanced viciously by the perfect blending of the progressive elements from their newer creations with the somewhat thrash-oriented deliveries from their earlier years that a true sight unfolds before our eyes. It allows “The God Machine” to become so much more than “just” another entry for Blind Guardian, but an awe-inspiring experience the likes of which we’re not likely to find again anytime soon for all that went into this couldn’t have been pulled off with any more expertise or finesse no matter how hard one might try.

As effortless as it might be to look at the name slapped on that cover art and immediately come to the conclusion that this album was destined to be nothing short of an absolute masterpiece by that standard alone, that simply wouldn’t be right. But, as if to make any form of doubt wither away at the snap of their fingers, the very power of Blind Guardian is something that time simply cannot deconstruct no matter the space between efforts or what happens between them. Fans new and old can rejoice, “The God Machine” is precisely what we’ve come for with it only being perfectly fitting that Blind Guardian would be the ones to deliver such ultimate glory.

LISTEN to “The God Machine” on Bandcamp here.

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