Wraith – Undo the Chains

With the burst in the number of new acts that have made their way into the vast underground in just the last decade alone, it can be effortless to lose bands amongst the unending woodwork as well as skip over those who aren’t worthy of it simply because of the sheer volume of names. Wraith has absolutely been one to take note of with their slow but steady rise in the world of blackened thrash in just the past few years, and time has only been kind to these purveyors of a classic sound made new. Yet, it’s with their forthcoming mastery that they’ve somehow taken things up an entirely different notch!

When we sit down and consider what bands actually do a good job at resurrecting the sound that we all fell in love with that came out of the early 80s, it certainly would not be a very long list. Recreating such a specific sound with the right attitude is a true task to try and accomplish, and Wraith were no masters at it at first, but it’s over the years they’ve quickly become one of the best names to refer when considering who actually does it well with their brand new effort of “Undo the Chains” feeling like it could’ve been ripped right off the shelves in 1984. With virtually no change in their sound but a much more significant potency to be had in every aspect of their style, it’s their first full-length offering in a scant two years that Wraith has honed their sound to such a vicious edge that it would be an understatement to name “Undo the Chains” as anything other than their best work to date, and it’s in every single minute that Wraith manages to make an experience that is downright exhilarating! A fast-paced, no holds barred, no fucks given performance is the exact kind of experience that many of us need more of in our lives that’s actually delivered by a capable act that can deliver on such a massive promise, and I could not think of a better band to do it than Wraith for everything that they’ve brought forth before now with it all coming to a spectacular head here.

If it was “Absolute Power” that showed Wraith coming into their own in the scene at large, it is single-handedly that “Undo the Chains” will show the masses that this band is downright essential to the modern soundscape of their sound. None of their performances have been anything to miss, and to even dare think “Undo the Chains” is any different would be to spit in the face of Wraith and invite their unbridled fury.

“Undo the Chains” releases on September 24th via Redefining Darkness Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Undo the Chains” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Wraith on Facebook here.

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