Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between the Stars

It’s always nice to have a list of bands that you can rely on to deliver new material virtually every year with every proceeding work seeming to be better than the last in some form or another, and I’m fortunate enough to have quite a few on my personal list. Chaos Over Cosmos is certainly one of the more standout examples given their style and slow but steady rise in quality, and this year was luckily proven to be no different. With a few minor changes, it’s their latest effort that could very well be their best so far.

Right from the start with an almost 11-minute opener, it becomes very clear to the listener that Chaos Over Cosmos isn’t messing around one bit and that no matter if you’ve heard the band before or not, you surely won’t wanting to be missing out on the ensuing cosmic excellence that will be found within every star and inside every nebula that will be explored throughout the work. “The Silver Lining Between the Stars” is not only the most mature sounding work to date from Chaos Over Cosmos, but it’s a great deal more exhilarating which is a lot to consider given the true quality that this band has become known for over their short but prosperous time on the scene, and it’s this record that only perpetuates that glory. There’s nothing about this record that makes the listener feel like they’re being cheated out of a massive, cosmic experience that only a greatly executed work of progressive metal can deliver in such prestigious quality with that being the exact description that any person could need for the colorful wonder that is “The Silver Lining Between the Stars”.

This is the kind of material that I’ve come to set as the high bar for what the style can and should be able to accomplish by any mildly capable band, and while it’s no surprise to me whatsoever that Chaos Over Cosmos was able to craft such a work on their fourth original work in three years there’s no way for me to deny just how stunning this work really is. “The Silver Lining Between the Stars” feels catered to those who want a cosmic backdrop to their innovative intensity, and this work doesn’t fail at doing so in any capacity.

LISTEN to “The Silver Lining Between the Stars” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chaos Over Cosmos on Facebook here.

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