Stonekind – Spirit of the Void


Looking at the world of heavy psych at large, the name of the style itself comes into play right out of the gate with it being home to some of the heaviest psychedelic acts that have graced our ears up to this point, but there’s still so much room for personality and growth outside those general guidelines that has enabled bands to truly make some special creations. Before this point, Stonekind weren’t much to pay mind to despite a respectable EP two years ago, but it’s single-handedly with their first full-length that they’ve become a name to know and a name to very much keep an eye on no matter what.

While one may look at Stonekind and their new work as something nothing particularly attractive given what many other acts of the style have brought forth in recent years, another will instantly be drawn in by how “Spirit of the Void” goes ever so slightly against the current. It’s in that deviation that everything about what Stonekind brought forth for this brand new effort took them all the way through the creation of the record to the point that the work as a whole is truly overflowing with class, power, talent, and personality the likes of which is beyond perfect for the sounds that have come forth from the realms of heavy psych, and it’s in every track of this record that Stonebird more than delivers on their promising potential. The whole of “Spirit of the Void” is a dramatic yet very restrained work that never gets too far ahead of itself or drowns in its own ego of its grandeur as Stonekind very smoothly goes into a calm yet very potent pacing which when combined with the deadly riffage, pulled back yet insanely calculated psychedelia, and tasteful in every aspect of its execution makes for an album that is undeniable in its intoxicating glory!

This is a work that feels catered to the modern fan of all things heavy in the world of psychedelia but also those who want a little bit more, and it’s around every turn without taking a second thought that Stonekind obliges with a tremendous performance the likes of which we don’t get often whatsoever. Even in its smallest moments, “Spirit of the Void” is a tremendous album that needs to be heard by any fan of the style for there is much to be discovered in these nine tracks no matter how you approach them.

LISTEN to “Spirit of the Void” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Stonekind on Facebook here.

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