Osi and the Jupiter – Stave

It was last year when I came back to Osi and the Jupiter for their EP titled “Appalachia”, and it was by far one of the most enchanting experiences of its kind that I still have heard. Having recently moved to those mountains that they draw influence from, the work was particularly potent for me, and the sheer talent and gorgeous atmospheres that were created in just three tracks ended up making it one of my favorites of the year. If there was to be one lament, it’s that it was only three tracks. I could salivate over the thought of a full-length version of the work, and the mountains must have heard my wish for it’s hardly over a year later that Osi and the Jupiter return to us with what’s practically that but simultaneously so much more.

I would be lying if I said that under virtually any other circumstance that to see an EP stretched out into a full-length could easily fall apart in some form or another if the hands that are crafting it are incapable or inexperienced. When we’re to talk about Osi and the Jupiter, though, “inexperienced” is a word that should never leave anybody’s mouth for it’s been clear for years now that this act has been a name to know in their niche sound on a scale that many could only ever hope to reach, and it’s with “Stave” that they’ve reached another tantalizing peak that cannot be denied. Returning yet again to their native Appalachian Mountains, it’s within the deep wooded reaches that they’ve reached another special form of meditation the likes of which touch the soul in a very particular way that really does feel as though we’re reconnecting with nature in a way that extremely few pieces of music are able to accomplish. Yet, Osi and the Jupiter are clear masters of that rare art. It’s throughout each and every inch of “Stave” that the performance becomes all the more complex with it taking thematic pages from the previous EP, but invoking the band’s usual style for a sound that’s as striking as it is enthralling with each song have something to dive right into and get supremely lost in.

There isn’t a single point throughout the work that Osi and the Jupiter doesn’t make “Stave” out the be the proper fully fleshed out full-length counterpart to the band’s preceding EP with it accomplishing every goal that it may or may not have initially set out to achieve. And it’s with such a continuation that this act has won my heart yet again in such a stupendous fashion that I cannot help but go and get lost in the hills with the spirit of “Stave” being my only guide.

“Stave” releases on August 27th via Eisenwald!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Stave” via YouTube below.

LIKE Osi and the Jupiter on Facebook here.

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