Replicant – Malignant Reality

To take into consideration all the death metal that could be considered as “technical” would be to deal with a large swathe of all that it can encapsulate, and it would be significantly understated if we were to say that there are many instances where it’s an ill-fitting description. It’s also more often than not that bands that accomplish such a feat take to an extreme that absolutely works, but what if you just pulled back a little to create an experience that feels all of its own through its restraint? In an odd way, that’s precisely what we get with the forthcoming mastery that is Replicant’s new record, and it’s something that I simply cannot get over.

I won’t even dare to try and classify what Replicant has pulled off here as anything other than death metal because to argue about what categories it specifically falls into would be to turn our attention away from the real mind-bending show of what this album brings to the table in each of its ten massive tracks, and it’s the exact kind of material that many of us are going to consider album of the year material. Sure, riffs are great when paired with a competent band comes along, but when we manage to get a name that comes around that not only incorporates riffs but also goes much further than the extra mile to deliver to us a performance that’s as bombastic as it is bold then we are very easily in store for something that cannot be considered anything other than fucking staggering! Enter, Replicant’s new effort “Malignant Reality”. It’s right out of the gate that you get the sense that this death metal is made to have an otherworldly overtone to everything that it brings forward to the point that I’m confidently able to pair it side by side with the likes of Blood Incantation, and it’s every single inch of this new effort that I cannot help but ooze over everything that it brings to our attention. There isn’t a single second spread throughout all that “Malignant Reality” offers that doesn’t leave the mind and soul absolutely demolished as it’s once you’re able to get your senses back together that you can piece together to absolute grandeur that we’re given second by second in each of these tracks, and that’s just barely to dissect all of what Replicant pulls off in this utterly stunning work.

This is the exact kind of material that grabs right ahold of the psyche of the listener never to let go, and it’s at every possible turn that Replicant delivers a performance that cannot be understated nor should it be ignored  by any single person who considers themselves to be a proper excavator of modern death metal. “Malignant Reality” has so much to offer should one dig into its fiery chasms, and for those who persevere they will find themselves bewildered by the glory that’s to be had, and I cannot recommend enough for anyone and everyone to investigate the colorful supernova that is “Malignant Reality”.

“Malignant Reality” releases on September 10th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Malignant Reality” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Replicant on Facebook here.

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