Flame, Dear Flame – Aegis

There’s a special quality that came with the classic variants of doom that we simply don’t get anymore whether it’s out of a desire to keep evolving the sound in a modern age or simple cases of overproduction, but it’s every so often that we get an admirable effort that manages to channel that classic sound in a way that doesn’t feel cheap, recycled, or unimaginative in any way. It was with their debut EP just two years ago that Flame, Dear Flame showed us that they could tap into that excellence in a way that many of their contemporaries can’t, but it’s with their forthcoming full-length that they more than deliver on any and all promises they throw down on their debut.

There are many bands out there that dare to tack the word epic onto their specific brand of doom, but it’s with only a few exceptions that we actually get an act that manages to bring any level of proper glory to the descriptor in a way that actually does it justice. It’s virtually right out of the gate that Flame, Dear Flame accomplishes that within the first few minutes of “Aegis”, and it’s a real treat for any newcomers to the band which will surely be most people given how new the band still is. However, it’s the latter half of this record that I find particularly interesting given the first three tracks are a retread of their previous EP which still absolutely holds up with all of its riffs and power that it carries with true and proper intent. It’s the four chapters of “The Wolves and the Prioress”, though, that catches my attention since it’s the new material that Flame, Dear Flame delivers to us with this effort with them taking the opportunity to its maximum potential as they add yet another layer of intrigue to their already deep sound. They use it to show a more folk-oriented side that mixes devilishly well with their sense of doom that really draws from many of the previous greats but never once does it feel like an unoriginal creation as “Aegis” holds up to the very end as it’s with just their second offering that Flame, Dear Flame shows for the second time that not only are they an act to keep an eye on, but they are not to be underestimated nor denied when it comes to their raw skill.

You could very well count the number of bands that are able to pull off a sound like this on one hand without giving even a second thought to it all. Flame, Dear Flame has been something to know since they made an impact with their debut EP, and it’s not often whatsoever that such a release can offer enough to prompt continuous interest for any band, but given what’s to be found within the vast excellence of “Aegis”, how could anyone else deny such a claim now?

“Aegis” releases on August 6th via Eisenwald!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Aegis” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Flame, Dear Flame on Facebook here.

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