Sorcia – Death By Design

It’s no secret that when I come across any piece of material that dares to make, I am compelled by every fiber of my soul to investigate for when the concept is brought to life by a band that actually manages to do it justice, we’re always in for something particularly interesting. A single-track EP is oftentimes the best way to go about such a thing with it being the road that many bands take when tackling it, and that’s precisely what Sorcia did for their forthcoming EP that is done splendidly with even a little more thrown in for good measure.

There’s a reason why the art of the long song is kept to the styles that are more well-acquainted with slow paces and riffs that are able to be dragged out with strategic changes in pacing and tone expertly placed throughout which really helps the listener get through an experience that would be a true slog otherwise. With a 16-minute centerpiece that acts as one of the two tracks within “Death by Design”, it’s just a single listen that proves to the listener that Sorcia did not lack in any form whatsoever when it comes to the talent that they used to craft this fresh work that’s as self-challenging as it is immensely fun to dive right into. Far from the heaviest iteration as well as being far from the most mind-bending offering of this kind of song that I’ve heard, it’s in every one of these sixteen minutes that Sorcia uses the time to their advantage as we’re treated to a wide array of dips and dives, twists and turns, and highs and lows of the kind that stoner rock has become all but synonymous with, and it’s at every opportunity to deliver us a performance that can reel in the listen that it’s taken to make “Death By Design” not only an eye-catching piece for its main piece but something that always holds up to its contemporaries, even surpassing several of them in the process.

Works that are able to stand on their own like this whether or not it falls into the comfort zone of what Sorcia has made up to this point are always worthy of investigating for the potential for greatness tends to be too high to miss, and I’m so happy to see what Sorcia has accomplished here with all the excellence that it sends forth in just the first few minutes. “Death By Design” more than holds up to its potential for greatness as it’s right unto the very end that this EP delivers a performance that can’t be considered anything other than salivating.

“Death By Design” releases on July 16th via Desert Records!

LISTEN to a clip from “Death By Design” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sorcia on Facebook here.

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