Somnuri – Nefarious Wave

It’s not terribly often that we can come across a band that can be considered a game-changer in some form or another simply because acts like that are few and far between, but it’s when one crosses our path that we can’t stop talking about it. The incredibly dense realm of heavy rock is never once lacking in material that is worthy of investigation be it for the span of a month, a week, or even a day. Many of those acts have been dubbed mind-bending and genre-defining, but very few manage to go against the grain will perpetuating all that the style can become, yet it’s with their latest work that Somnuri achieves that very same feat in a way that should be a template for every effort to follow!

This is the kind of heavy rock that we truly need more of in our lives. I don’t mean another Mastodon clone that can’t compare to what’s come before them or an act with a lukewarm sense of psychedelia. I mean a name that can bring something massive to the table with a single shred of incompetence to be had whatsoever while managing to straddle the line of rock and metal in a way that brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase “blurred line”, but bands like that are few and extremely far between which makes the discovery and glory of Somnuri all the more staggering right from the very beginning. The very spirit of “Nefarious Wave” is something that is the be respected with everything coming forth out of it that’s borne out of raw, defiant talent executed with maximum precision and magnificent skill the likes of which truly boggles the mind. It’s for the whole of this record that we’re gifted a dazzling display of riffs galore, calculated heaviness that’s constantly shifting, and a grand sense of talent that’s utterly sprawling through every minute that Somnuri delivers to make it not only one of the most interested and overwhelming works that modern heaviness has brought us for some time.

Even in the album’s smallest moments, it’s more than enough proof that not only is “Nefarious Wave” an album that demands widespread attention, but Somnuri is onto something that can’t be considered anything less than monolithic. Given the exposure and attention that it very well deserves, the fate of Somnuri will be propelled into modern exaltation like it very well should!

LISTEN to “Nefarious Wave” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Somnuri on Facebook here.

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