Bretus – Magharia

There’s nothing quite like some doom that doesn’t exactly fit in the mold of doom that’s catering to the classic sound of the style or overly heavy to appeal to people looking to be crushed by riffs at every turn. It requires real finesse to bring it to life properly, but it can easily suffer the fate of simply being boring if put in the hands of the not so capable, but if Bretus is anything, it’s certainly capable. Only two years since their last outing but their fifth full-length since their first nine years ago, this is undoubtedly the work that could be called their best yet.

After being a band for 21 years, it shouldn’t be any surprise to see the band in question have a real understanding of their sound to the point that every new album adds a new layer of intrigue and talent that makes every new effort something to be heard by any fan of modern doom. If anyone were to think that this fresh album, “Magharia”, would be any different, then I have nothing but a stern laugh to throw at you. It is at every single turn throughout the nine tracks that adorn this new album that we get what is surely the most mature work that Bretus has created by far up to this point, and it’s through the undeniable riffage paired with a grand understanding of precisely the kind of music that they want to make that “Magharia” takes on a life of its own the likes of which many bands wish they could create with the amount of life that we find seeping out of every second here. That makes for a truly compelling work that really knows to reel the listener in with a special blend that only doom can pull off in such quality even if no new ground is broken whatsoever, and I think that’s where the real magic of Bretus comes into play. There’s no clear goal to shake the world of doom to its core with this release as it really does just feel like dudes getting together to jam out some riffs while having a good time the likes of which they can translate through their performances on the stage and in the studio, and that attitude truly does permeate every moment of “Magharia” to immediately set it aside what some other bands aren’t able to bring forth for one reason or another. It’s with that passion that Bretus has managed to get better and better with time, and it’s part of the reason why they’re continuously an act that is more than worth coming back to time after time.

With the trajectory that Bretus has achieved over the last few years, I cannot see this band doing any wrong any time soon with their brand of doom being downright captivating in all the right areas even as doom often feels like it’s on a quest to be as heavy as sonically possible, but it’s here that we get a pleasant shift into the opposite direction. The very essence of “Magharia” is something to be admired, and with it permeating every single facet of this record, I cannot even dare to conceive a reason to dislike what Bretus has brought to the table for this engaging album.

LISTEN to “Magharia” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bretus on Facebook here.

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