Polymerase – Unostentatious

The true beauty of Bandcamp comes into play when you’re able to discover an album from a band that in no other way would you ever hear under any circumstances. It’s the great vast majority of the time that so much psychedelic rock comes from North America or Europe with many names dominating in every form, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bands from the least expected countries to deliver material that really catches us off guard. With their first demo, it is from the unsuspecting country that is the Philippines that Polymerase comes to us with expertise that is downright surprising in every way.

I think it’s safe to say that many of us don’t expect psych-rock to come out of the Phillippines often if at all, and that doesn’t mean that there has never been a chance of dudes coming together from there to just jam together some psychedelic works that can catch the drift of many of us who happen to come across it. But, I think it’s also safe to say that expectations will be greatly subverted by anyone who dives into the excellence that Polymerase serves up at every turn in the four tracks that adorn “Unostentatious”. Normally, my experiences with demos leads me to believe that many of them will be lo-fi with the sound being as raw as possible with maybe just a little bit of studio magic being enough to make the work in question glorious, but I cannot stress enough just how magnificent Polymerase has made this performance without that studio touch. They could be making albums like this for decades without once stepping foot in a studio and I’m positive it will all be staggering given what we have here with “Unostentatious”, and it’s with the vocals that really do take a backseat to the instruments until the last track to the point that even when they do show up you can’t make out a word with it all working far too well – showing just how surprisingly knowledgeable Polymerase already is with handling their unpolished sound that works far better than if it were in less capable hands.

This is very much a work that defies many expectations going into it, and it’s with quality and a passion for the sound that Polymerase absolutely dominates in all four tracks that are on display here with each of them delivering glory the likes of which cannot be denied. Hopefully, “Unostentatious” is just the beginning of more excellence from Polymerase, and if it is then I can’t wait to dive back in whenever they come back to us.

LISTEN to “Unostentatious” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Polymerase on Facebook here.

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