LáGoon – Skullactic Visions

Of the many rising stars that are taking the psych-rock world head-on, LáGoon is definitely a name that more people need to know. With their raw sound that hearkens back to classic models as well as carving out their own path that scratches the itch of many psych lovers out there, LáGoon has only been getting better with time with every announcement of a new record promptly intrigue the likes of which causes plenty of excitement. On their latest, it feels like we’ve been here before with good expectations and LáGoon doing no less than smashing it out of the park for the third time in barely over a year.

If you ask me, we’re still very much living in a golden age of throwback material with leagues upon leagues of bands constantly releasing material that could easily be placed decades back via some lovely little time traveling with them not feeling one bit out of place, and it’s with bands like LáGoon that we see the idea done to a great extent at virtually every turn. While still bringing a modern mindset to their songwriting, it is with surprising tenacity that LáGoon sticks to their passion for the raw feel of a classic sound that can very easily be taken as a morphed version of what AC/DC was pulling off at first, but that would undermine everything excellent that’s done with “Skullactic Visions” which is far more than a mere rip-off of that legendary band. With seven tracks, LáGoon yet again comes to us with a vicious performance that’s as alluring as it is gripping with each track managing to pull the listener in with unique flavors and feels that aren’t to be elsewhere on the whole of “Skullactic Visions” to help give the record a distinct feel and identity as we go from one track to the next. It’s with their expertise that they’ve cultivated over a relatively short amount of time that LáGoon does no less than command the attention of the listener as every moment that their performance goes on for with this as their sixth studio effort definitely being one of the biggest all-around highlights that they’ve crafted such far with it being decidedly higher in every category than its predecessors, adding even further to the wonder that comes with every new work that we get from LáGoon.

We could sit here for ages and discuss rising bands that are worth checking out, and I truly do believe that LáGoon is only getting more interesting with time like a very odd, very fine wine and it’s again with this latest work that we see that to a glorious extent. Every inch of “Skullactic Visions” is something to be enamored with for anyone looking for that classic sound done with the fervor that many other bands are lacking, and it’s with each spin of this effort that the flavors become sweeter and sweeter.

LISTEN to “Skullactic Visions” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE LáGoon on Facebook here.

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