From the Ages – I

Truly, there’s nothing quite like some quality heavy rock to just lean back into. There are several sounds throughout the entire world of music that we can just turn on and forget about life, but there’s a special power to heavy rock that makes such a statement particularly true for many of us, myself included, and when it comes in an instrumental form it can lead to a world of euphoria the likes of which can’t be found elsewhere. Plenty of bands have brought proof of such a concept, but it’s not often enough that they deliver a performance that makes the very ground quake like what From the Ages has accomplished here.

With this band featuring members from bands that I’ve already heard and have a good amount of respect for, I feel like it was all but inevitable that I would come out of this debut very pleased with its contents, and I’m happy to say that for once I was absolutely right. Immediately, From the Ages lets us know what we’re in for with a sound that takes several pages from all over the modern scene of heavy rock with the instrumental nature of “I” putting an especially high focus on the magnificent riffage that carries this debut, for sure, but it is far from the only highlight to find within. As is the case with many instances of heavy rock across the globe, there is an impeccably placed and deliciously executed showcase of psychedelics injected into this EP that not only elevates the work into something far more fascinating as we see it paired with crunching riffage as well as take the stage for itself in the final track to provide us with an overall work that’s as explorative as it is tenacious. From the Ages utterly commands the listener’s attention with a performance that is downright hypnotic in even its smallest moments as even though this debut EP provides us with tunes that have absolutely been done elsewhere, the sheer potency of all these glorious elements coming together as the most premiere times allows “I” to rise above the competition with undeniability and power that is simply scrumptious from all angles, and it should go without saying that From the Ages has undoubtedly put their best foot forward with this EP to make for a new name that is all but immensely promising.

The magic that is found within this humble but still fierce debut of an EP is something that we’ve all heard in some form throughout the quickly expanding soundscape of heavy rock, but it’s in no way that it’s potency has yet to diminish whenever a new band comes around wielding it to craft something that is exceedingly delicious and a fucking good time to listen to. In every way, From the Ages has provided us with a pitch-perfect example of just that. No matter where this band takes their sound, even the controversial decision to add vocals, I cannot help but have the gut feeling that they’re far more than up for the task as “I” has given us an experience that should never be tossed aside for anything by any standards, and knowing this is just the beginning gets me incredibly excited to see what’s to come.

LISTEN to “I” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE From the Ages on Facebook here.

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