Kings Winter – Edge of Existence

It’s in recent years that my affinity for power metal has dwindled as I dove deeper into the more extreme sides of metal in order to explore what they had to offer, but there’s nothing that could ever replace that love for power metal that I’ve had since my first days as a metalhead. Even so, there haven’t been very many albums to have come out in recent times that really captured my imagination and helped stoke that fire that’s always burning to hear more quality works of the style. Kings Winter fed into it with their debut a few years ago, and it’s with their return that they have yet again accomplished just that to spectacular effect.

Oftentimes, it’s the debut or the earlier albums of any band that tends to be the heaviest when it comes to the reputation of many metal acts at large, and I feel like that definitely holds some water even though it obviously varies from one band to the next. Before I even dove into what “Edge of Existence” has to offer, there wasn’t a shred of suspicion in me to expect Kings Winter not to take the lighter route when it comes to their sound but a slightly heavier and somehow even more melodic approach in a style that’s already riddled with melody. Yet, that’s precisely what Kings Winter brings to the table in these nine tracks that show us this band is quickly becoming a true tour de force of what many modern acts of power metal are capable of bringing forth, and in no way does “Edge of Existence” lower that standard with it doing nothing but raise that very bar. Bringing the power with timely themes and a much more well-defined sense of musicianship that was already immensely flavorful on their debut, Kings Winter has truly impressed for this record such that it quickly becomes an effort that I feel many a power metal fan can really sink their teeth into.

Even though “Edge of Existence” lacks the fantastical landscapes and epic themes that many people look for out of this normally over-the-top style, it’s impossible for me to say that an injustice has been done to its reputation here as Kings Winter not only improves upon themselves in virtually every category with their sophomore release, but they should us yet again that power metal is still rife with excellence in the underground should we just look in the right place.

“Edge of Existence” releases on May 1st!

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Kings Winter on Facebook here.

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