Svdestada – Azabache

It’s in the odd but spectacularly raw world in between many spaces of metal that the sound of crust reigns that I feel we don’t give attention to often enough. The sound is one that I haven’t explored in some time, and it’s even then that I’ve barely dipped my toe into what all it has to offer. To say there’s massive potential for any band from anywhere in the world to deliver us a performance to change our level of engagement with it would be to massively undersell what these bands are capable of. As if to provide proof of that concept, it’s with their latest album that Spain’s Svdestada comes to us with an absolute ripper.

If there’s any single element that worlds of crust and punk are never lacking in it absolutely has to be power. That has long been one of the staples of both sounds with power quickly becoming the pillars of each at the earliest stages of their inception with virtually every band following suit to a spectacular degree, and it’s with their latest that Svdestada keeps that tradition very much alive and well. But, even then, the power is just one of many things that makes “Azabache” so memorable to begin with and we truly do have a menagerie of elements to pick from. A raw performance, an immensely surprising amount of melody, a massive intoxication factor in every minute, and speed to keep the record moving at a break-neck pace that rarely slows down even going from one song to the next, the claim could very easily be made that Svdestada has made one of the more compelling works of crusty punk in recent times with only a few coming close and even fewer surpassing this remarkable performance. It’s throughout the eleven tracks of “Azabache” that we are given a very well-defined representation of plenty of what the style has been capable of since its infancy with Svdestada being so adept with it all that their personalities and flavors mix exceedingly well with all that the style has to offer to create an experience that’s not only well-defined, massively entertaining, and deliciously dynamic for the entire 32-minute runtime that cannot be done justice with a single rotation of the disc.

Anybody who finds themselves entranced by a passionately raw performance whose power cannot be ignored and is constantly reeling you back in for more with each successive track cannot go wrong with a single shred of all that “Azabache” brings forth, and I fucking dare anyone to challenge me on that claim! Svdestada’s execution of every possible facet that they threw down in order to bring this album to life is so compelling by all accounts that I will defend it to the grave, and great pity will be felt for all whose ears aren’t graced by this magnificence.

LISTEN to “Azabache” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Svdestada on Facebook here.

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